“That’s Young Oak”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Leaves Internet in Frenzy with His Chiseled Body in Latest Bodybuilding Poses

Published 09/07/2022, 11:15 AM EDT

When the news of Mildred Baena’s affair with bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger came out, the media was taken up by a storm. The press went even crazier when confirmation came that Arnie fathered a child outside wedlock. Despite all the backlashes and controversies, the Schwarzenegger family worked on their differences. The love they share for each other is unconditional.

With time the relationship between Joseph and his dad has also improved. An Arnold doppelgänger, one can not help but wonder- is it Joseph or de-aged Arnold himself? With each passing day, the resemblance grows more strong. When Joseph shared an image on Instagram and the fans were left scratching their head in disbelief!


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Joseph or de-aged Arnold?

Captioning the post as “Gold’s Gym Venice Beach California.” Arnold’s son posed the iconic “Arnold pose.” Drawing the parallels quickly, the fans could not help not notice the striking similarity between the two.


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Without wasting time, the fans started to draw the similarity between the father and son. One of the fans commented, Like father like son⭕❤. Hinting at a future bodybuilding career, one of the comments read, “That’s young oak ..he has to compete 🙌.” Appreciating Baena’s hard work at the gym, one of his admirers wrote, “Absolute beast 👏.

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Joseph’s love for bodybuilding is out there in public. Like his father, the young Arnold-son loves gym and strives to stay fit. The effort that Baena puts forward is incredible; as fans quote,” 👏For a second, I thought is your dad 👏👏congratulations 👏.” Rooting for the young star kid, one of the users wrote, “That’s Arnold jr 💪”

As mature as father Arnold Schwarzenegger


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The world changed overnight for young Joseph when he was informed that his father was the “Austrian-Oak.” For the little boy, things were undeniably difficult. But growing up for his age and being his father’s son, the young lad took everything with grace and maturity.

More than the realization that he is Arnold’s son, the media attention was uncomforting. Joseph has become more confident in his own shoes with age and time. Much to fans’ delight, the duo loves spending time together.


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As a fan put in the post, “Was watching predator last night. Someone should do a remake with you in the lead as the son of Anna and Dutch.” Hopefully, someday fans will see Baena stepping into Arnold’s reel shoes as well!



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