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“The Part That Sucks”- Mr. Olympia Contender, Derek Lunsford, Explained the “Selfish” Element About Bodybuilding That Affected His Family

Published 12/15/2022, 6:30 AM EST

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Recently, bodybuilding legend, Ronnie Coleman, along with Derek Lunsford, opened up about the sacrifices bodybuilders make in order to reach the top. During training, the bodybuilders commit to a routine that occupies the better half of their day. The sport demands nothing but time and dedication. While they spend the required time preparing themselves, not much is left to focus on the other aspects of their lives.

In a recent YouTube video, Lunsford shared how this bane attached to the sport hurt him.


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The sacrifices Derek Lunsford made to make it big

A few days ago, Derek Lunsford joined Ronnie Coleman and Charles Thomas on Coleman’s Nothing but a Podcast. The two bodybuilders discussed a varied range of topics. These topics covered the happy and the sad parts of bodybuilding, and talking about the latter part, Coleman asked Lunsford about the biggest sacrifice he had to make to become a pro bodybuilder.

Lunsford’s answer to the question hit too close to home. Mr. Olympia 212 champion, said, “What hurts me the most to sacrifice is the quality time with my wife and family. That’s the part that sucks.” To this, the 8x Mr. Olympia added his own similar story. “It’s the same for me. Because it’s like you kinda have to be selfish in a way. And you’re gonna really like to be that way. But we have to do what we have to do to win,” said Ronnie Coleman.


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Derek Lunsford is new in comparison to Ronnie in the field. Naturally, Ronnie has spent a long time away from home. However, Coleman has always been vocal about the love he has for his family. He has also shared how they were his biggest support system in the darkest times of his life.

King Coleman compliments Derek Lunsford


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It is one thing to be appreciated by the surrounding people, but it is different when the legend of a field praises you. Derek Lunsford was on cloud nine when Ronnie Coleman praised him for his physique. Coleman told Lunsford that when he saw Lunsford win the 212 last year, Coleman felt that the young bodybuilder had the potential to win the “real Olympia.”

For the unversed, the Mr. Olympia contest has separate divisions such as the Men’s Open, Classic Physique, 212, etc. In 2021, Derek Lunsford was crowned Mr. Olympia 212 champion. Coleman shared that upon seeing him win, he told the surrounding people that Derek Lunsford has “one of the best physiques out there.”


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This year, instead of defending his title, Derek Lunsford has decided to change his division. He will now be competing in the men’s open, intending to dethrone the two-time reigning champion, Big Ramy.



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