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“They Rave About Your Genetics”: Jay Cutler Used Phil Heath as a Case Study to Explain What Having Great Genetics Actually Means

Published 02/02/2023, 11:08 PM EST

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Jay Cutler and Phil Heath are some important names in the bodybuilding fraternity. The four-time Mr. Olympia winner admires Heath for having a wide, muscular, and bubbly structure. Recently, in a chat with the 7-time winner of Mr. O, Cutler discussed the genetics and metabolism of Heath to develop muscle. Although there were some misconceptions about the secret of Heath’s meticulous structure going on, the pros explained further. Taking their relationship into consideration, it’s to see if Cutler can actually convince Heath to appear again in Mr. O.

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What is genetics? How does it help the body to develop fast? What was the reason behind those broad arms that Heath had? The professionals addressed these facts while chatting. Let’s get to know what they discussed.

Jay Cutler questions Phil Heath’s genetics


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After holding the title for seven years consecutively, people were curious about Heath’s body. Lately, a video was uploaded from a YouTube channel, “Cutler Cast,” discussing the same. In addition, “The Gift” talked about it when Cutler asked him, “What I noticed about you like you didn’t have to train like a Ronnie Coleman or like myself in a sense to stimulate…you know people, they rave about your genetics and have a misconception of what genetics are…”. Further, he added, “What in your eyes…are genetics like structure, is it the ability to build muscle, is it the ability to stay lean and build muscle…no one had the look that you had…”. 

To talk about the health of his muscle, Heath discussed his training theories. He confirmed, “I think genetically bone structure wise…the cells, I think I was always bubbly growing up. But I think moving from Seattle to Denver having that high-altitude training as a basketball player and then converting that into bodybuilding, it was the perfect match for me…I was never pushing PEDs like right away. I was competing naturally and beating guys…”. The Gift even talked about the skin texture that also helped him to look more defined and conditioned. Though he was up for lifting more and more weights, it was Cutler who advised him to repeat with lesser weights. Eventually, that helped him to grow, maintain muscle, and get a pumped-up body. Heath still has a hold on that structure and possesses the potential to compete for his next title. The IFBB professional recently hinted about the same on his Instagram handle.


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Will Phil Heath compete again?

Though Heath didn’t appear on stage after 2020, speculations are that he is going to compete soon. The Gift indeed kept his physique in the best form. He suffered from several injuries during these years and, overcoming the obstacles, he still manages to have a meticulous physique. He is going to appear as a guest performer in Arnold Classic 2023 to showcase his body and share some wisdom with the rookies.


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Fans have been anticipating his comeback for too long. Cutler, a good friend, winded up the rumor when he implied that very soon, Health, will come for that 8th title. As it is yet to be confirmed, the debates surrounding Phil’s return are thus doing the rounds.

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Phil is outstanding in what he does, be it with the help of his genetics or with the inspiration he gets from friends like Jay Cutler. Are you excited to see him again?


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