Dominating the golden era of bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger proved his expertise in the sport. Likewise, his youngest son, Joseph Baena, is preparing himself to reach the peak with hard work and dedication. Apart from bodybuilding, he is also inclined toward acting and modeling. 

Joseph recently uploaded a video of himself, posing and showing off his muscular body in Conan’s costume. In no time, fans and followers flooded the comment section with their reactions and opinions.


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Joseph Baena mimics his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a name famous in various arenas like bodybuilding, acting as well as politics. His entry into Hollywood turned out to be a boon for the acting world. Arnold produced several megahit movies during his time, including Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, True Lies, and many more. 

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Notably, his look-alike son, Joseph Baena, is following in his footsteps. A few hours ago, the muscleman posted a reel that recorded him flexing his muscles to The Anvil of Crom from Conan the Barbarian. Furthermore, he mimicked the character, and his costume was also in alignment with the entire theme. 


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I had a little too much fun in tonight’s costume,” he captioned.

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The actor is currently a participant in the reality show, Dancing With the Stars. It is the fourth week, and the theme of the episode was “Disney Night.” Considering it as an opportunity, Joseph dressed up as Conan, one of Arnold’s most popular roles. 

How did fans react to his video?

The Instagram reel gained around 7k likes in just two hours. Moreover, fans filled the comment area with laughing emotes and were surprised to see how similar he looks to his father. 

Arnold’s copy-paste,” read one of the comments.

Another follower wrote, “LIKE FATHER LIKE SON, “Conan what is best in life?!”

While it is really difficult to gain muscles as Arnold did in his era, his son received honorable notes like, “You are your daddy’s son 💙.”

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Looking at his growth, followers can already anticipate how bright his future is. 

A well-wisher wrote, “I’m telling y’all this kid is gonna be HUGE. I can’t wait till he blows up in Hollywood. I’m all in for the ride 😁🔥.

While some are eager to see him revive the character, some admirers instead want him to play The Terminator, T-800. 

I’m down for a new Conan, bro. Make it happen!!” a comment said.

A different comment read, “Return of the Barbarian🔥.

Another wrote, “Be the Terminator!


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There are also a few who want both father and son to appear on the silver screen together.

An admirer wrote, “Time for you and your dad @schwarzenegger to make KING CONAN together!

Nevertheless, Joseph also received a piece of advice from a follower who wrote, “You’re still young Joseph, but training will become harder when you’re older, so start training harder now.”


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All in all, the video gained massive attention and people are looking forward to the actor for surprises like this.