58-year-old Kevin Levrone was considered one of the best bodybuilders of the 1990s. Although he never won Mr. Olympia, Levrone won 20 pro shows with three amateur wins. He was one of those bodybuilders who were blessed with great genes. So Levrone leveraged his bodybuilding genetics to his best potential to build one of the greatest physiques in the industry. Recently, a resurfaced video of him training made fans judge his bodybuilding abilities.

On Monday, a bodybuilding Instagram page named Nicandro Vision Motivation shared a video of Levron’s bodybuilding days. It indicated the impeccable genes Levrone possessed that helped him build an eye-popping physique. Let’s check out how fans reacted to it!

A throwback at Kevin Levrone’s bodybuilding journey


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Kevin Levrone began bodybuilding after getting inspired by the size and conditioning of his cousin. In 1991, Levrone kickstarted his professional career after finishing first in the NPC Finals. The next year he participated in Mr. Olympia and was placed second. In fact, in his entire bodybuilding journey, the ‘Maryland Muscle Machine’ was placed second in Mr. Olympia four times (1992, 1995, 2000, and 2002).

Sadly, Levrone faced an unexpected hurdle in his journey in 1993, injuring his major and minor pectoral muscles. It made everyone believe that his career was over. However, he bounced back by building a phenomenal physique. Although, the ‘Maryland Muscle Machine’ never won the Mr. Olympia honor, his fans have given him the title of an uncrowned Mr. Olympia besides other bodybuilders like Flex Wheeler and Shawn Ray.

Talking about his physique, Levrone built a heroic body with perfect lines, fullness, and sheer size. The best features of his physique were his arms, shoulders, and traps.

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The resurfaced video shared a glimpse of Levrone’s pumped physique that became a talking point for fans.

Fans hail Kevin Levrone’s beast-like physique

Kevin Levrone’s physique was a treat to the eyes of the fans. They had several things to say about it. Let’s check out;

A fan gave Levrone full marks for his physique;

At least God went easy on his eye sight.. gave him a 10 on a everything else 🙌”

However, a fan claimed that he used steroids heavily;

“Too bad he needed roids to do that. I do it all natural and im a beast 🔥🔥”

Another fan defended the retired bodybuilder saying;

“Steroids sure…. Don’t forget the fact this guy owned his own gym for decades trained in the gym twice a day for decades and also ate 6-8 meals a day with 2 hours of cardio for decades!!!!”

Some fans stated that Levrone had the best physique in the 90s;

“The 90’s were the pinnacle of bodybuilding. Levrone was at a whole other level compared to today’s lineup.”

“The best of the 90s and 2000s dude should have a Sandow !! My favorite !!”

Fans also appreciated the features of his body;


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“Those shoulders and tríceps are out of this World”

“Kevin was just on another level . ..super strong 💪🏽”

Levrone retired from bodybuilding after 2018. Since then, he has been exploring many other sports like tennis and golf.


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