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Uncovering the Story of an Austrian-Born Late Bodybuilder Still Hailing the Title of Zero Percent Body Fat

Published 12/09/2022, 11:30 AM EST

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Bodybuilding is one of the most celebrated sports in the world. While it looks colossal and magnificent on the stage, it demands the severity of the participants to stand a chance in the competition. Andreas Munzer, the Austrian-born bodybuilder, was known for his shredded physique and paper-thin skin because of zero fat.

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Genetically built with a system that gained mass quickly, the Austrian-born thrived on an ultimate goal to become a legendary bodybuilder like his idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Owing to the over-use of steroids and diuretics, he cut short his life with a tragic finish at 31.


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2000-calorie diet prompted the bodybuilding spirit to maintain his figure

Munzer was undoubtedly one of the most conditioned bodybuilders of the time. He began competing in Austrian competitions as a teenager. As he progressed, Munzer emerged victorious in several local competitions before appearing in international contests.

As he climaxed into his peak phase, the bodybuilder stayed in a good shape all through the year, in contrast to others who tend to disfigure during the off-season. The highest he had ever gained weight was 15 pounds more than his typical competition weight. However, it proved helpful to focus on fine-tuning his chiseled physique instead of working on removing layers of fat.


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Mr. Ripped followed a low-calorie diet of 2000 calories, which is abysmally low for any athlete following a strict and intense training regime. Hence, it is no wonder why people continue to align him with the zero-percent body fat policy. However, on a sad note, his poor diet, combined with high doses of steroids and diuretics, became the recipe for his heart-breaking ending.

The end began with a stomach pain

Pain is an evitable part of the sport. Strength sports athletes endure excruciating pain to reach the pinnacle of their careers. In 1995, Munzer felt a pain in his stomach. Although he discussed it with his friends, he didn’t pay much heed to it. The following year, he contested in Arnold Classic.


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Former bodybuilding legend and his idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger, appreciated his leanness and muscularity but critiqued him on his imbalances. Munzer finished sixth in the contest. Weeks after the competition, the bodybuilder died of blood vessels rupturing in the stomach. Emergency surgery and untiring efforts by the doctors couldn’t save the 31-year-old Munzer.


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Reminiscing this man that carried a warm and kind demeanor, he demonstrated extreme passion and promise for the sport. What do you think about the bodybuilder’s journey? Share in the comments.

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