In recent times, the Fitness industry has gained immense popularity, and one can find a gym in every block or two. But this wasn’t the case in the early 70s or 80s. Forget about a regular person going to the gym, at times, it was hard, even for great bodybuilders like Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to find a gym in their area.

Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the dignitaries in the bodybuilding world. Not only have they established themselves as great bodybuilders, but they’ve also cemented themselves in the entertainment industry. Taking up roles like the Incredible Hulk and The Terminator helped boost their popularity. This, in turn, facilitated the popularity of bodybuilding in particular and exercise and fitness in general.


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Lou Ferrigno recalled what it was like when bodybuilding wasn’t as popular

In August 2014, Ferrigno was helping out with the boot-camp-style workout at the Santa Monica Pier to promote a DVD series with his daughter named “Hey There Muscles.” While working at the pier, Ferrigno was interviewed by a journalist on behalf of the Los Angeles Times. Looking at the crowd that had turned up at the pier, the curious journalist asked Ferrigno if it was the actor’s impact.

Not taking the credit for the crowd, Ferrigno politely denied the idea. He added, “No, all of them don’t know me anymore; they come because they want to be fit. That’s a big change in the culture.”Additionally, he pointed out the stark contrast between the fitness culture in the late 90s and early 20s.

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Recalling the time when he couldn’t find a gym to work out, he said, “Back when I came here in 1976 and was on the beach with Arnold [Schwarzenegger] one day doing some calf work, hardly anyone else was working out on the beach. In the ‘70s, nobody in the world felt exercise was necessary. In early 1980, when we went to the Philippines, [President] Ferdinand Marcos wanted to work out with me, but we couldn’t find a gym.” 

He added that the current scenario is quite different from what it was back then, as most know the importance of a fit and healthy body now.

Workout tips by the legend himself


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Setting the ground rules, Ferrigno shared that the key to good health is a combination of four things: technique, consistency, good sleep, and a good diet.

He further stressed the including weight training in the workout routine. He pointed out that people often take up yoga or cycling as a way to exercise their bodies. However, it is important to add weight training to the regime as well. He added that it helps to stop the resistance which develops in the muscles as age progresses.


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