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Will Smith Might Get Chance to Show “Slapping Skills” if Arnold Schwarzenegger Accepts Wild Fan Demand

Published 04/21/2022, 9:45 AM EDT

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big name in the sporting world. The bodybuilding legend has several events under his name. And the most recent entry into the club is the Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championship. In its first edition, i.e., 2022, the championship received remarkable popularity. However, after the Oscar controversy, the fans are demanding something unusual.

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The first edition of the Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championship has already been completed. With Arnold Schwarzenegger and Youtuber Logan Paul hosting the event, it was a huge success. Furthermore, the event was superb entertainment for fans and they are certainly looking forward to the next edition.

Fans demand Arnold Schwarzenegger to include Will Smith in the next edition

Considering the recent turn of events at the Oscars 2022; fans all over social media are demanding an entry for Will Smith in the next Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championship. Well, the idea surely sounds weird, but the fans want what the fans want. However, it would be interesting to know if the bodybuilding legend considers this demand.

This one fan posted on Twitter, Put #WillSmith in next years #arnoldclassic now that slapping is a sport.” Though it’s unlikely that his wishes will be granted but perhaps Will Smith could have been a great candidate. 


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Winners of 2022 Arnold Classic Slap Fighting Championship


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Amongst the winner of the competition were Dawid “Zales” Zalewski, Maksymilian “Mad Max” Lesniak, Adrianna “Flychanelle” Sledz, Mateusz “Kazek” Kaźmierczak and Pater Truchlik. The event featured the topmost athlete in the sports in different weights and strength categories. Furthermore, the rules for the competition were simple. A player could win in four different ways, such as knockout, TKO or withdrawal, point advantage, and disqualification.

Each player got five opportunities to slap the opponent and win. And an additional hit to both the players, in case of a tie-breaker. Based on the severity of the slap, the damage done, technique, and precision, the judges awarded points to each player.


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From the entertainment perspective, the event was a huge success. However, maybe the actor Will Smith could join in the next edition. The entertainment ratings would be off the charts.

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