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Wolverine Hugh Jackman Apologized to “Vegans and Chickens” for Attaining the Best Physique of His Life Recently

Published 02/11/2023, 4:00 PM EST

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In bodybuilding besides pumping iron in the gym, various factors including – genetics, diet, hard work, and various other stuff, play a huge role in gaining a muscular body. However, some within and outside the community also believe ‘steroids’ are a part of several bodybuilders’ journeys.

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Even ‘Wolverine’ actor Hugh Jackman was rumored to consume steroids after witnessing his amazing body transformation. Thus, recently during an interview, Jackman revealed the secret behind his bodybuilding diet while apologizing to vegans and vegetarians for the same. So what did Jackman really do?

How did Hugh Jackman gain all that muscle?


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Last month, a fan’s favorite Jackman appeared on the CNN channel to discuss his upcoming ‘Wolverine’ movie. During this interview, Jackman revealed the most essential part of his training, which helped him gain those muscles.

He confessed, “I just did it the old-school way. And I tell you, I’ve eaten more chicken…and I’m so sorry to all the vegans and vegetarians and the chickens of the world the karma is not good for me.”


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Although Jackman’s diet seems to be highly protein-based, others do not think so. Many believed Jackman consumed steroids to undergo the transition and gain the perfect body for the action-packed movie. Hence, the interviewer decided to finally ask Jackman this question related to his insane body transformation.

However, Jackman laughed and replied, “No, I love my job, and I love Wolverine. I’ve got to be careful what I say here, but I had been told anecdotally what the side effects are of that. And I was like, ‘I don’t love it that much.’”

Seems like the rumors related to the Wolverine actor being ‘natty’ were just rumors in the end. However, once, fellow entertainer Joe Rogan was also of the same opinion as others until he saw Jackman’s toned-figure pictures.

When Joe Rogan shared his opinion about Jackman


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During one of his podcast episodes, the UFC commentator shared his views on Hugh Jackman’s impressive body. However, like many others, Rogan also believed the reason behind his shredded body seemed suspicious.

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However, after pulling up some photos of Jackman in the role, Rogan changed his opinion. He said that the actor’s body definitely looked “achievable”. Not just fans, but even famous stars like Rogan seemed to be stunned by Jackman’s lean body.


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So for the upcoming Wolverine film except for heavy bodybuilding-like workout and training, chicken will be a key part of Jackman’s body transition. And the chicken is the real reason for his ripped body. However, the famous actor will also hope that his revelation did not hurt the sentiments of the vegans or the vegetarian community. 

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