“They Warned Me About Tornados”: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Trainer Leaves Fitness World Drooling With His Rare Workout

Published 04/11/2023, 6:00 AM EDT

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Even at 50, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson looks like a beast who might be able to do bench presses with a car. Likewise, the man behind this fitness fanatic is no less than him. Gunnar Peterson, America’s most sought-after celebrity fitness coach, is still hitting the gym on a regular basis. A pursual to his social media can give an idea of his workout routines.

Peterson, 60, thinks he can still push harder and thus came up with a new set of workouts. However, he recently treated his Instagram followers with a bizarre exercise. In fact, the celebrity coach preferred the outdoors to perform the workout. This video got the attention of fans, who were left baffled by the fitness quotient of the veteran coach.

Gunnar Peterson acing a new workout


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It’s been 30 years since Peterson is reigning the industry. With his sheer dedication and love for what he does, he has become USA’s one of the most enviable fitness trainers. His clients range from A-listers like Lindsey Vonn, the Kardashians, Sly Stallone, and Tom Brady to average gym Joes. But evidently, that busy schedule couldn’t hinder his training routine, and he starts his day early at 4 AM to keep up with his fitness regime.

Today, the fitness trainer shared a snippet on his Instagram flexing a new workout. “They warned me about tornados in Nashville,” wrote Peterson in the caption. Seemingly, he was lying on a path beside his gym and doing sit-ups. But to add a little more spice to the exercise, Peterson held a tornado ball that he was swinging in and out while performing the workout.

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This certainly is a new way of making the regular sit-ups intriguing, and evidently, Peterson was killing it. Fans couldn’t keep calm seeing him doing tornado ball sit-ups, hence took to the comments section of the video by storm. Fans shared some of their insightful and pun-infused comments.


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This video left the bodybuilding community baffled

Seeking ideas from using the ball while working out, one fan commented, “I love those things… I’m gonna tell my gym to get one of those tornado balls.” Another thought, “Wow, that looks really cool!” One user felt that Peterson had nailed the exercise, “Whipping that tornado ball!”

Adding a hilarious thought, one follower wrote, “That’s what an adult tantrum looks like.” Another user took it a bit further and threw a challenge, “This looks like so much fun. Please make Nathan do it … Challenge @slantboardguy – do you accept?”


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However, as intended, Gunnar Peterson’s rare workout video has certainly stirred up the community, and people loved to watch the coach performing something new. Did you love it too?


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