Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 25-Year-Old Son Shows Off Ripped Body in Photo

Published 01/19/2023, 8:00 AM EST

What came out as a blessing in disguise when the news concerning Arnold Schwarzenegger’s illicit affair went public was that the world met Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s bodybuilder son Joseph Baena. Following the Austrian Oak’s legacy as a bodybuilder, he has become eye candy for many. Just like his legendary father, Baena also shares the same love for fitness and workout and his recent Instagram post is a live testament to that!

In his latest Instagram post, the model shared a candid shot of himself almost shirtless at the gym along with a question for all the fitness freaks. Even though it is too early to anticipate if he wants to pursue a bodybuilding career just like his father, he surely has kept the eyes rolling back to him.


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Joseph Baena will inspire you to do extra sets!

While Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to inspire many, his look-alike son is not far behind in matching his father’s footsteps. Baena recently posted an amazing black-and-white picture of himself seated in front of some heavy weights, ready to do some bench presses.

Dressed in usual gym attire, including a tank top and shorts, the young actor looked extremely muscular and fit. Baena captioned the post and asked, “How many sets you got left?” to his followers. While some seemed inspired by Baena’s Wednesday motivation picture, others drooled over his toned structure.


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Not only is Baena almost a replica of his father by looks, but also shares a few career paths similar to the bodybuilding legend. Besides bodybuilding and love for the gym, Baena is a Hollywood actor like Schwarzenegger.


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Although there is a lot to look forward to when it comes to being an established figure in either of the fields, fans often compare the two and expect Baena to copy Schwarzenegger. The internet sensation once opened up regarding the same on a TV reality show.

Struggles of being a celebrity kid


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Last year, Baena was featured on the latest season of Dancing With The Stars, where he talked about the pressure of growing up with celebrity parents. Further, the talented youngster revealed how fans expect him to be exactly like Schwarzenegger and achieve the same heights as him.

Although Baena was once scared of such comparisons, he claimed that he has finally learned to sidestep such definitions and unrealistic expectations. Instead, he rather focuses on being his true self and personal growth.


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After a few years of communication gap between the duo, they have mended their relationship in the past few years. Besides, Schwarzenegger and Baena are often spotted working out in the gym together and outside as well.



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