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“Have a Seat Man and Take a Shot”: Ronnie Coleman Once Revealed How Fellow Bodybuilder Convinced Him to Take Vodka Shots That Propelled His Victory

Published 09/30/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

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Ronnie Coleman and Kevin Levrone are two known names in the bodybuilding arena. With exceptional body strength, muscles and physique, the two dominated the stage like none other. Polar opposite in their characters, the two have pretty contrasting personalities. While Kevin is the fun guy to be around, Ronnie is the serious one of the lot.

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In an archived video, the ace bodybuilder Kevin shares an amusing incident wherein he got Ronnie to drink a few vodka shots.


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Ronnie gets drunk 

Before the day of a bodybuilding competition, Kevin recalls Ronnie was tensed up. Despite repeatedly telling him to relax, the King was nervous about the upcoming event. Seeing him carry all the food and all the measurements, Kevin could not help but comment, You just gotta relax, Ronnie.”

Having been in the same situation, Kevin could understand his friend’s dilemma. However, he knew how to relax. Coming up with a brilliant plan, he said, have a seat, man and take a shot.” Next, in the video, Ronnie joins up. He, too, speaks up about the incident. 


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Sharing the details further, Ronnie narrates that Kevin went to the coffee table and poured some coffee into the cup. But he did not just stop there. Narrating further, he adds that Kevin went to the refrigerator and poured a bottle of vodka. Straight away after that, he ordered Ronnie to drink it.

What happened next was unexpected for Ronnie Coleman!


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Ronnie was initially reluctant to his friend’s proposal. In the archived video, Kevin hilariously tries to impersonate The King to make the people understand how much he had to persuade Ronnie before he finally gave in!

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Unable to avert his friend, Mr. Olympia title winner, finally gave in. As soon as he finished his first shot, Kevin convinced him to go for another. As Kevin hilariously recounts, that day, Ronnie did not just stop at two shots, he kept taking one after the other, and when he was on the fifth shot, he got the hang of it.


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As the friends sat together, Ronnie eventually started to like it. And as Kevin quoted, sometime later, Ronnie was like, men, that stuff is pretty good; I’m going to have another shot.”

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