“Lifting a Girl in the Same Fashion”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Showcases Father Like Power, Recreating His Iconic Pose With Female Partner

Published 09/13/2022, 8:30 AM EDT

The world of glamour and entertainment is not new to Mr. Universe title holder Arnold Schwarzenegger. After having dominated the bodybuilding world, he ruled Hollywood like no other. From being “no one” to a popular household name, Arnie has traveled a long way. Carrying his legacy forward, the young Schwarzenegger kids are now getting into their father’s shoes.

As the new season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is kick-starting, Arnold’s son Joseph will be seen showing off some serious dancing moves. As the star kid enters the world of glamour, he makes Arnold fans nostalgic!


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son does it again

Dropping a promotional post for his upcoming project, Joseph took to Instagram. The young lad shared a picture where he could be seen flexing his muscles and a powerful dancing pose. Captioning the post, he writes, “Pump up the volume or pump up the ballroom.”


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With the 31st edition of DWTS starting, the message Baena wants to give his fans and competitors is loud and clear. But it’s not the caption that catches the attention. Seeing Baena’s pose, the fans walked down memory lane. The fans can not help but notice the similarity between the pose. One fan was quick to write, “I think I’ve seen a photo like this before with your father 😂😂💪🏻”


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Recalling the days, one of the fans writes, Reminds me of an old Arnold picture on the beach where he is lifting a girl in the same fashion! Wow🔥” Drawing a parallel between the father and the son, one wrote, Just like your father with that pose, back in the days 🙌.” The picture has such a stark resemblance that it seems as if “Arnold posed.”

Like Arnold, like son


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This is not the first time that Joseph has recreated Arnold’s pose. Earlier, too, Joseph stepped into Arnold’s shoes to recreate one of his most iconic poses. Showing his chiseled body, the young Baena looked strikingly similar to Arnold. It’s almost as if ‘Arnold has de-aged.’

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Since the post was shared, the internet went into a frenzy. Some users even confused him with Arnold “For a second, I thought is your dad.” With each passing day, the resemblance is growing more prominent. As the fans rightly quote, “Like father like son⭕❤.


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Hopefully, with Joseph taking up a new role, the fans will now get to see more re-created pictures from the youngest Arnold son.



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