American Citizen Gives New Meaning to Bull Riding, an Expressway Encounter That Even Shocked the Cops

Published 09/02/2023, 9:07 AM EDT

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The internet is full of amusing videos that happen across the world. Whether it is dog surfing, squirrels’ water skiing, or seals swimming, everything is available on the internet. Recently, one more shocking video went viral when a giant bull was riding in the passenger of a car. On 30th August, the Nebraska expressway stunned the residents when they captured the giant bull riding the shotgun on Wednesday morning.

Not just the locals, but when Norfolk police county heard about the unusual news, they were immediately intrigued. But they also did not believe it until the officers saw it. Police captain, Chad Reiman said their men addressed some road traffic on the day which was caused by this particular scenario. He was astounded after seeing the jumbo bull riding in the passenger seat and expressed his thoughts.

The officer’s reaction to the bull-riding


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When Reiman drove to the scene, he found a massive-sized bull draped in black and white with large horns, named Howdy Doody riding the shotgun in the Ford Crown Victoria Sedan of his owner. Captain expressed his astonishment and said, “It was quite a big surprise.” However, he wrote down a warning for the owner and asked him to take his bull home and leave the city.


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Reiman added, that after seeing the giant bull riding, he did not have enough options as to where to put the bull. Coz, certainly he cannot put Doody in dog or pet club. He said, “What would you expect me or anybody to do with an over 1,500-pound animal in the middle of a downtown in a city?According to USA Today, when Reiman confronted the owner, Lee Meyer about it, Reiman got to know their story of friendship. And how did a bull and a man become the best buddies.


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Story of Howdy Doody and Lee Meyer

The carpool buddies, Howdy Doody and Lee Meyer are the residents of Neligh, Nebraska, 36 miles from Norfolk. Doody is gaining massive stardom from the viral bull riding video, however, this is not the first time that the duo was seen enjoying the ride together. Back in 2019, the duo drove through a parade in Antelope City and were captured by the folks. Meyer’s wife, Rhonda told the media that Doody and her husband are best friends. She revealed that Meyer brought the bull 8-9 years back when Doody was 8 or 9 months old. And since then, they spent most of the time together.


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Doody is the reason why Meyers took off half of his windshield and modified his white Ford. and his best buddy is a car-riding fan. The famous bull-riding duo have become stars and are garnering worldwide fame. Meyer said, the traffic will not stop him from riding with his bull but he won’t be riding in Norfolk.

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