JB Mauney Continues to Capture Hearts Even in Retirement- Here’s All You Need to Know About the Bull Rider’s Earning

Published 01/16/2024, 9:30 AM EST

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When the ultimate retirement announcement came from the potboiler rodeo JB Mauney in September 2023, the fans couldn’t believe the intrepid situation. It was just a week before the 36-year-old went through a horrific accident at the Xtreme Bulls event. But for a guy who once said, “If something’s not worth dying for, what’s the point of even living?” the comeback chance remained on the cards even after his IG revelation of the situation. Dissipating that, JB Mauney never returned to the ring of bull riding after that date. But his charisma was never absent on or off-ring. 

Recently, a post on X gave an insight into the lore, the 2X PBR champion bull rider created in his hay time. With detailing on the achievement, the post showcased a glimpse of Mauney doing the unthinkable in his love affair. 

JB Mauney and his stroll in the park of bull riding 


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On January 16, 2024, the Historic Vids X-handle commemorated the achievement of JB Mauney in the bull riding. His 18-year-long career is nothing short of rodeo illuminations. The post also floated a visual from those fantastic bullriding performances. However, with that ultimate rodeo bravado, the Dragon Slayer also claimed the top position in earning remuneration. The concerned X-post framed that enormous amount in its caption: “J.B. Mauney is a retired professional bull rider who made more than $7.5 million from his career”. It was in 2016 when the rodeo surpassed PBR’s Seven Million Dollar Man challenge. But before that, in 2014, he already had earned the title of most consecutive rides. However, for JB Mauney, his soul searching in the sport was for a different cause. 

In his high time, the rodeo royalty, when questioned about his earnings, stated, “Money doesn’t bother me. Gold buckles is what I am after”. That envisaged JB Mauney’s career thoroughly. He aimed to perfect his ride over the rankest bulls ever to jump in the rings. The rest of the achievements just fell into place for him.


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A career studded with gold

JB Mauney earned multiple gold buckles throughout his career, but they came at a high price. During his gold buckle-earning moments, the former world champion rodeo rider used to select the World Champion bulls. In one such encounter, Mauney faced the challenge of Bushwacker, the YETI world champion bull in 2020. Despite the bull’s record of high consecutive premier-series buckoffs, Mauney achieved his highest-scoring ride in 2020 while riding the same formidable beast.

“This Is Gold”: JB Mauney Ignite Internet Frenzy During the American Rodeo West Regionals


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For the 2007-2018 timeline, he flaunted his bravado on such rankest bulls, adding words like, “I was just hanging on”. That was JB Mauney’s achievement in a nutshell from his stellar career. 

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