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“Didn’t Become a Hostage”- Former World Chess Champion Calls Magnus Carlsen the Bridge Between Traditional and Modern Chess

Published 02/16/2022, 3:56 PM EST

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The computers and super engines have brought a vast difference between the modern chess and the chess that was played before the end of the 20th century. Though the game is still fascinating and mysterious as always, the way modern players approach chess today has completely changed.

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Anyone who dominates a sport for more than a decade defines its course and in chess that responsibility automatically belongs to the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. The former world chess champion Garry Kasparov believes he is the best of traditional and modern chess combined in one mind.


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The Russian Grand Master said,Today’s chess is in many ways Magnus’ chess. Magnus is clearly superior to all the rest of his generation of chess players.”

Magnus Carlsen is the bridge between traditional and modern chess

Obviously, with modern technology, you can analyze chess games better than before, but you can’t take help from the computer while playing an actual game. The way Magnus approaches his games is incredible to watch. “As I remember while working with him, he was always able to disengage from the computer. In fact, he did not become a hostage to what he saw on the screen” said Kasparov.

He further added, The machine helps to develop solution, but he always found the most interesting, pragmatic solutions specifically for modern chess.”


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Maybe this is the reason the Norwegian Grand Master is still at the top for over a decade, even though the game is constantly changing.

What makes Magnus Carlsen better than the rest?


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Well, the simple answer would be that he has an extremely gifted mind, but that’s just half of it. The reason he has dominated the game in such evolutionary times is that he has the perfect balance of technology and his ability to analyze the best moves. It’s not just the classical chess that he has dominated. He is quite skilled at fast online chess as well.

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Super engines can only give you information and million different moves, but as a player, it’s completely up to you how you maneuver your pieces on the board to outsmart your opponent, and apparently, Magnus knows it all.


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Is Magnus Carlsen the best chess player of all time?

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