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Rival Anish Giri Takes Another Hilarious Dig at World Number One Magnus Carlsen

Published 02/10/2022, 12:43 PM EST

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Banter between chess players is the funniest thing to watch as a chess fan. Notably, many contemporary chess Grand Masters share a healthy rivalry and they never miss a chance to make fun of each other. Alike everything, Magnus Carlsen is at the top in causing banter as well. Though this time he is at the receiving end and the Dutch Grand Master, Anish Giri, is taking a dig at the world champion.

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Anish Giri shared a video on his Twitter handle with the caption, “If you ever wanted to hear what Carlsen’s Indian accent sounds like.” It is a dubbed video of Magnus Carlsen at a press conference and the dialogues in the video are hilarious. Carlsen and Giri share a very healthy camaraderie and they’re often seen teasing one another with witty comments on social media.

Magnus and Giri are always up for fun

This is not the first time these two have engaged in friendly banter. Magnus is always more than happy to take a dig at the Dutch Grand Master whenever he gets the opportunity. In the recent Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2022, Carlsen commented on Giri after he got a free point because of a match forfeited by Russian Grand Master, Daniil Dubov.

He said,He’s also showing a tremendous will to win, picking up free points instead of playing games on free days, for instance, which shows that he really, really wants to win the tournament!”


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Another time, while Giri was playing in Chessable Masters against Alexander Grischuk and the result was a draw, Carlsen tweeted, “My boy @anishgiri snatching a draw from the jaws of victory.”


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Banter makes chess a less serious game

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Chess is considered as a game only played by serious people, which is not true. It can be a fun game too, provided people who are playing it wish it to be so. All the modern chess Grand Masters enjoy the game to the fullest, and they see banter as just a part of the game.

More than teasing someone, banter is about building a positive relationship amongst the players, and after all, what is life without giving your friends a hard time?



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