The Total Money Winners Will Take Home From Tour de France 2022

Published 07/03/2022, 12:28 AM EDT

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The Tour de France is the most prestigious racing event among the three Grand Tours, the other two being the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España. The tour has gained much prominence in the 119 years since its first edition and has its perks and benefits. Let’s look at the prize money the grandest cycling event offers.

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Total prize money for Tour de France

The Tour de France has a total of around $2,386,647 to dispense for the current edition of the event. But the amount is not distributed equally to all participants, as is usually the case with most competitions.

The cycling event sees most cash prizes distributed amongst the top general classification riders. However, various categories in each leg of the event are available, increasing the likelihood of cyclists earning considerable prize money.


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These categories include stage winners, top sprinters, most combative riders, and climbers. Let’s explore the prize money allocated for each maillot and subsequent cyclists.

Prize money for the top two classifications

The leading general classification (GC) cyclists receive the most prize money. But there is still a significant amount of cash prize apportioned to other categories. The yellow jersey, or the maillot jaune, has become synonymous with the event since it first made its way to the race in 1919.

The leader of the GC in the final stage is the overall winner. Therefore, the overall GC winner takes home the highest cash prize of around $521,455. Next in line is the runner-up of the GC category with $208,582. The organizers also hand out prize money of about $104,291 to the third position holder.

In GC, riders up to the 19th position get prize money. Cyclists finishing within the 19th position can earn between $73,003 and $1,147. Subsequent cyclists are awarded around $1,043 each till the 160th position.

The GC leader gets the yellow jersey at the end of each stage. And each day a rider wears the yellow jersey, it adds around $521 to their winnings.

The second jersey that comes to mind in the event is the green jersey, also known as the maillot vert. The rider with the most accumulated point at the end of each stage receives this jersey.

After each stage, the winner gets prize money of $11,472, while the runner-up receives $5,736. The cyclist with the third highest point in each stage gets $2,920. Moreover, riders up to the 20th position in this category are eligible for a cash price of $312. Additionally, cycling retaining the green jersey in subsequent stages gets $312 for each stage.

There is another category reserved for intermediate sprints and the first, second and third position holders get $1,564, $1,043, and $521, respectively. However, the overall points classification winner receives the highest prize at around $26,072.

Cash prize awarded to the winners of other classifications

Next is the polka dot jersey, also called the King of the Mountains, reserved for climbers. However, the prize money given to riders in categorized climbs does not conform to the norms set in the other stages.

Cyclists reaching the summit first can get anywhere between $5,214 and $208. Moreover, wearing the jersey in each subsequent stage is worth $312. There is also an award for the first cyclist to reach the highest peak, called the Souvenir Henri Desgrange award.

The recipient of the award receives $5,214 as a cash prize. There are five more categories dedicated to climbers. Position holders in the Hors catégorie climb receive $834, $469, and $312, respectively.

For the first category climb, riders get $677, $417, and $156, while the first two position holders in the second category climb get $521 and $260, respectively. However, only the winner receives prize money in the third and fourth category climbs. The amount specified for these categories is $312 and $208, respectively.

There is also a combativity award for the most aggressive rider at each stage of the racing event. The awardee receives around $2,085 in prize money. The rider receives a red race number, known as a dossard. However, the most aggressive cyclist of the entire event receives a cash prize of $20,857.


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Another jersey in the racing event is the white jersey given to the best young rider of each stage. Cyclists receiving the white jersey on a stage get $521. And successfully retaining the title for a day adds another $312. Moreover, the top four young riders of the race receive a cash prize of $20,858, $15,643, $10,429, and $5,214, respectively.

Additional prize for the best teams in Tour de France

Team classifications form the crux of the Tour de France. Therefore, the event packs a team award as well. The cumulative time of a team’s fastest three finishers determines this award is based on t


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The three teams with the fastest times get this award, and the cash prizes are $52,145, $31,287, and $20,858, respectively. Although the top three riders determine the position of their teams, all riders and staff members receive the cash prize.



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