“Horrible”: Equestrian Community Reflects on Family Guy Resemblance Following Recent Horse Accident

Published 10/29/2023, 3:58 PM EDT

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Trigger Warning: This content discusses distressing incidents within the equestrian community

This year hasn’t been great for the equestrian community. A huge number of horses died this year. According to the Jockey Club, 476 horses have died at racetracks in the United States in 2023 and 1,026 horses have died off the track. Adding to the concern is the fact that there are still two months remaining this year. On a somewhat lighter note, the life of an off-track horse was depicted in an animation cartoon introduced in the show ‘Family Guy’ in 2009

In the show, there was a character namely Brain Damaged Horse. He is a brown colored horse and is known for his erratic behavior. Brain Damaged Horse made his first appearance in the Season 8 episode. Unfortunately, a recent incident occurred that resembled one of the episodes of this show but it was heartbreaking to witness a real horse in such a distressing situation.


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Real life vs. Reel life

Recently, Soze Tarantino shared a post on X (formerly twitter) that featured a video. In the video, a horse was involved in a serious accident with its head stuck inside a car’s front windshield. This accident led to on spot death of a horse.



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It’s worth noting that a similar incident happened in the Season 18 episode of the show where Peter hit a horse while driving and was drunk. He anyhow managed to escape legal trouble due to a technicality but he was deeply affected by the incident. To make things right, he donated money to an animal shelter. However, he soon realizes the horses there are treated poorly there. He brings them home but struggles to take care of them properly. Eventually, he returns the horses but before that, he teaches a lesson to the shelter owner. This experience taught Peter about responsibility and the importance of not drinking and driving.

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But it took an innocent life to make him realize the value of animals. Such an apology is insufficient when a life is at stake be it a real or reel life. However, after this post was shared people showed their sympathy through the comments.

Diverse equestrian reactions to the tragic horse incident

Among the comments few stood out: one person expressed sympathy and concern for the horse, reflecting on the unfortunate situation.

Another individual emphasized the severity of the incident.


Someone shared their personal experience, recalling a time when they went through a similar situation


Another commentator expresses curiosity about the circumstances that led to the accident and questions where the horse came from, indicating a desire to understand the situation better.


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one more suggested that it seems inexplicable or unexpected.


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These responses underline the deep emotional impact this incident has had within the equestrian community, emphasizing the importance of addressing and preventing such tragedies in the future.


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