“Truly Inspiring”: Weeks After Equestrian Charity Announcement, 15-Year-Old Receives Heartwarming $52,543.90 Worth Boost

Published 10/06/2023, 4:21 PM EDT

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The equestrian world has been an active contributor to the welfare of the society. Many equine institutes, authorities, organization, and associations have their own welfare program or support some other charity for the social cause. Recently, a unique case of donation occurred in Europe that has touched the hearts of equestrian enthusiasts.

Last week, an international horse auction took place in the Netherlands. During this auction, a remarkable display of social responsibility unfolded when the proceeds from the sale of a horse were directly donated to the medical research cause supported by a foundation established by a 15-year-old singer. The success of the program brought joy to both the donor and the singer, who expressed their happiness about the initiative.

Equestrian charity at an auction


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According to Horse Talk, on the 30th of September, 2023, a filly named Veulen, the offspring of Chacco Blue and Cantana Z, was auctioned at the Tops International Auction. The auction generated proceeds of $52,543.90, which were directly donated by Stal Tops to the Gastrostars foundation. Gastrostars funds research for stomach paralysis. The foundation was established by Emma Kok, a 15-year-old talented singing sensation in the Dutch music industry. The foundation’s mission is to support individuals suffering from gastrointestinal disorders and raise awareness about the issue in the public. There was excitement at the event when Emma performed ahead of the bidding. Having experienced health issues, she found motivation to establish a foundation to help others. The founder of Stal Top was happy with the novel way of equestrian charity.

He said that he was delighted with the help he made and hopes that this will be only a start and more aid will follow in the future. He further said, “Emma’s passion and dedication to helping those in need are truly inspiring, and we are honored to be a part of this endeavor“. This marked the first inaugural Tops International Auction, and it is set to occur again next year. In total, 14 horses went under the hammer, and now people are eager to see how they will perform in the field. The singing sensation was delighted with the proceeds and shared her thoughts on the success of the event.

The singer showed gratitude for the equestrian charity


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The Gastrostars founder Emma Kok was grateful to the Stal Top for donating a huge amount to the foundation. She said, “I hope to change patients’ lives by making them happier and hopefully giving them a brighter future“. She expressed a fruitful future for Veulen, the auctioned filly who she considers has become a part of her life. Emma is looking forward to watching the filly jump at the equestrian arena.

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The equestrian charity donation by Stal Tops was both unique and effective. Not only did they contribute a significant amount, but they also succeeded in raising awareness about the issue and promoting the work of Emma’s Foundation. This effort achieved multiple objectives in a single stride.


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