“3rd Christmas Together”: Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Twin in the Most Adorable Outfit for Festival Celebration With Family

Published 12/26/2022, 10:18 AM EST

Christmas is all about creating magical moments with loved ones, and Simone Biles is not doing any differently. In a heartwarming post, Biles shared a sneak peek of her celebrations with her fiance Jonathan Owens. She also gave a glimpse of how she spent Christmas with her family and an old Christmas tradition.

Biles’ celebration with Owens was special as the recently engaged couple share a strong bond. The gymnastics champion and her fiance’s interesting attire again reflected their unbreakable relationship. Also, Biles displayed adorable pictures of her family pets which were also a part of the celebration.

Simone Biles’s memorable Christmas moments with Jonathan Owens and her family 


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Taking to Instagram, Biles shared a post where she and Owens were cozily sitting close to each other. It was interesting to see that they had worn the same black and brown checks outfit with full sleeves. The big smiles on their faces were enough to indicate that they enjoyed their romantic Christmas together.


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Along with this, in a recent Instagram story, Owens and Biles’ entire family, including her parents and her baby niece, were sitting together around the dining table. Afterward, Biles also shared how she and NFL star Owens raised a toast. The post was captioned, “3rd christmas together i love you baby.” This shows how time has made Owens and Biles’ love grow deeper after they first met in 2020. 


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With these pictures, the star gymnast also shared snapshots of her two French bulldogs, Lilo and Rambo. It was adorable to see that the dogs were dressed in the holiday color red. Along with this, Biles also shared the picture of another dog who was an integral part of the family. This reflects that Biles has involved everyone in her Christmas celebration.


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Simone Biles on the best Christmas present she received from Jonathan Owens 

In a recent Snapchat story, Biles told about her Christmas present by giving her response to the amazing victory Houston Texans received in their recent match against the Tennessee Titans. Her post had the caption, Adding a small caption to the story, Biles wrote, “YAAASSSSS GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT” These words show how the victory of Houston Texans is a big present for Biles as her fiance Owens is also a part of the team.


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The celebrations of Simone Biles with her family, Owens, and her dogs have made the fans’ Christmas more special. As fans, one always hopes to see more glimpses of their happy moments and awaits the Biles-Owens wedding in 2023. What did you love most about Simone Biles’ Christmas celebrations? Let us know in the comments below!

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