In an impressive feat, 19-year-old Asher Hong secured his first-ever men’s national gymnastics title. Remarkably, he became the first teenager to achieve this after John Orozco in 2012. Competing as a sophomore at Stanford University, he faced stiff competition from his college teammates, Khoi Young and Fred Richard. Hong won totaling 170.930 points over two days of competition.

The journey to victory was a rollercoaster for Hong. This performance, combined with stumbles from his competitors, secured his place at the top. Notably, the U.S. team for the upcoming world championships in Belgium will be announced shortly. The United States is striving to make a mark on the international stage very seriously. They are aiming for its first podium finish at a major international gymnastics event since 2014. Asher Hong’s victory is a significant step toward achieving this goal in the U.S. gymnastics community.

Asher Hong gave a little sneak peek before the World Championship


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In a recent Instagram post, Hong is seen posing at the S-Hertogenbosh Centrum. He wrote in the caption, “Quick stop in The Netherlands soon Belgium”. Hong posted six pictures, along with his other mates. He gave a very London-Style drip, with a hat and a chunky bag. Looks like the gymnasts are having a fun time, right before their competition.


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In just his sophomore year as a senior elite gymnast, Hong, who is only 19 years old, has already made significant strides in his career. He claimed the title of national all-around champion and notched a spot on a world championship team. This recognition shows his incredible achievements at such a young age. He sets the ring very high for his performance on the global gymnastics stage in the upcoming competition.

Looks like Hong is all prepared for the championship with his companions


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Fred Richard, representing Michigan, saw his chances of catching up to Hong vanish when he fell twice during his routine. Yul Moldauer, a previous national champion, aimed to reclaim the title but faced a setback with a fall on the high bar. Sam Malone, a gymnast who suffered a knee injury in March and underwent three surgeries, missed this year’s U.S. championships. Asher Hong, last year’s third-place finisher, claimed his first national title by impressively surpassing the 85-point mark on both days.

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Despite facing challenges on the high bar, floor, and pommel horse, ultimately secured victory with a near-flawless routine. Enthusiastic celebrations, in a closely contested competition where only 146 points separated the top three gymnasts, including Yul Moldauer and Fred Richard.


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As anticipated, the U.S. national team selection for this year’s world championships, scheduled to take place next month in Antwerp, Belgium, was revealed on Sunday. It includes Hong for the second time.“I’ve put in a lot of hard work in the gym,” Hong said. “The next few weeks, if I’m selected for the worlds team, [I’m] going to go back and work just as hard to perform at the worlds and hopefully get the team on the podium”.

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