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Olympian Gymnast Jordan Chiles Tackles Everyday Common Girl Math Moment but With a Whimsical Twist

Published 11/18/2023, 6:00 AM EST

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“I don’t look like anybody else. I’m not the typical gymnast you see every day.”- that was Jordan Chiles’ firm confirmation revealing herself in an interview. However, Jordan Chiles’ parents thought otherwise. They named her after the basketball legend Michael Jordan. Doing justice to that, Jordan entered the national level at an early age, just like MJ. The only difference was that MJ was on the basketball spree whereas Jordan Chiles’ love stays towards gymnastics. After making it into elite gymnastics in 2013, Jordan found herself in the national team in the same year.

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The journey just started there. She won a silver in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and gold as a team in the 2022 Liverpool World Championship in her national color. The personal bests of Jordan Chiles are also something to watch. However, she has always made it clear that she doesn’t prefer to be bound in a typical way. The late emergence of Jordan in the NCAA platform is just proof of that. But, recently she has agreed to something that has seemed to be typical of many.

Jordan Chiles nods to the ‘girl math’ target 


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Nikole Thompson, an influencer on social media, offers tips on outfits and domestic decorations through her Instagram handle, talktargettome. She recently shared a post with the hashtag of girlmath. Setting the target, her post has captioned, “Share or tag your target bestie if you agree.” The post reads, “Girl Math: If I don’t go to target today, I have doubled my budget for tomorrow’s target run.” That post has posed enough to attract Jordan Chiles. The vault champion of the 2018 Medellin Pacific Rim Championships funnily shared the post in her Instagram story. That sharing has seemed to win a silent agreement from the athlete.

It might be a defining moment to show her shopping habits. However, Jordan has never shied from showing her emotions publicly. The photo shoot occasion of the USA national jersey for the Paris Olympics saw Jordan teary-eyed. Later, she admitted that the montage of her childhood memories, shown on the occasion, made her emotional. 


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Jordan herself has been vocal about this transformation of her. Explaining that journey to, she revealed, “When I was younger, I was very silenced. I wasn’t able to really use my voice at a younger age, but now that I’m able to do so and the people are actually listening, it gives us a better opportunity and to have fun, as well, with the sport that we’re doing.” That transformation must have worked in showing her nod to Nicole’s IG post. 

Jordan Chiles’ performance defines her nature 


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Jordan Chiles made a late entry into the NCAA stage. However, that couldn’t hinder her from flexing her joy on the stage. The UCLA sophomore played her role fervently, not for just herself but for her team. The whole UCLA team shouted, danced, and flipped with Jordan Chiles to the glory. The athlete herself came with a perfect ten in her floor exercise. These were just the snippets of her performance in the 2023 collegiate meet. 

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Off the court, the former world champion has taken a special interest in presenting herself in vivid colors. Jordan Chiles has highlighted all those characteristics that signify an empowered woman. In that list, the characters are Storm from the X-Men series, Wonder Woman from the DCU, and Buzz Lightyear from Disney. She has found a perfect partner in crime in the GOAT, Simone Biles. Both of them have appeared frequently as empowered women. That seems to give confidence to Jordan as the athlete has nodded to that. 


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If agreeing to Nikole Thompson’s post is such an encounter of Jordan Chiles, then this poses to tick many boxes together. A confident woman is one of those. What is your outcome from her post?

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