Simone Biles is standing tall. Despite her conviction towards her professional life, Biles has remained an inspiring example when it comes to balancing one’s personal life. For instance, last year, her brother Ron and his wife became parents, and the moment was as legendary as Biles’ comeback this year. The couple had been struggling for a while and endured unsuccessful IVF attempts. Here, it was Simone Biles who openly backed her family. When baby girl Ronni was born on the morning of November 25 last year, she straight away won everyone’s hearts.

Ronni recently traveled with the Biles clan from Texas to San Jose, California, spending time with the oldest members. Her mother shared glimpses of the adorable little one playing with her 74-year-old grandpa. This was hours before Simone Biles created history by surpassing a record created in 1933.

Simone Biles shares her big day with baby Biles


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In the SAP Center in San Jose hood, Simone Biles, who has won 32 medals across the Olympics and the World Championships was battling for her eighth all-around title. To witness her greatness live, her family members, including couple Ron, Sammi, and their daughter Ronni, along with their parents Nellie and Sr Ron with Biles’ sister Adria, got on a plane. Sammi, the gymnast’s sister-in-law, posted a compilation of pictures on her Instagram from their journey. What added to the trip’s excitement was Ronni’s 9-month milestone.

The first of a six-picture series showed the mum-daughter duo wearing sleeveless tops with hot pink and denim blue contrast as they smiled on click. The next one transported the viewers to the plane with the kid’s favorite Coco Melon episode playing for the little one in the air. In the connecting lobby of the flight, the duo posed with Ronni’s younger aunt Adria, followed by an on-floor side click showing the baby’s cutest chubby cheeks. The grandparents holding her inside the plane made the final two photos extra memorable.

As she played with her toy, Ronni’s grandpa was spotted carrying out his responsibilities as he held the baby girl. Without a doubt, Ronni is a beloved child who spends time with each member of her family alternately.

She left her aunt Simone gushing over her quite a few times and even watched her first-ever MLB match supporting her aunt’s favorite team. The little one definitely reciprocated the positive energy and continued to be a special support system for her aunt as Biles prepared to dazzle on the verge of setting a historic record.

Simone Biles lives up to the hopes of many!

The outcome of Simone Biles’ greatest test of brilliance stood in between her becoming the oldest all-around Championship champion. The second day of the 2023 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championship was nearing completion. And, it was just a matter of time before the 26-year-old gymnast became the first gymnast, man or woman, to win the 8th all-around Championship title. The last 7X all-around champ, Alfred Jochim established this record in 1933.


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A decade after she won her first title, Biles won her eighth all-around title at the U.S. Championship.


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Biles had already tied his 7X all-around champ record at the Olympics in Tokyo in 2021. However, it was put on hold due to her professional hiatus. The moment of glory arrived when the 26-year-old newlywed won her record 8th title at the US Gymnastics Championship on Sunday. As she makes history, one thing is clear. The comeback athlete is nowhere close to stopping!

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