“It’s Just Crazy to Me”: 20-Year-Old Millionaire Gymnast Olivia Dunne Makes a $500,000 Confession

Published 07/02/2023, 2:45 PM EDT

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Social media personality Olivia Dunne is one of the highest-paid young athletes in the game right now. Recently the gymnastics star astounded listeners with eye-opening revelations on the Nelk Boys’ Podcast. With remarkable candor, Dunne discussed the inner workings of her flourishing social media career. She also discussed the red flag that could make her walk out of a date. She includes her captivating support system, brand partnerships, and more. 

As her story unfolded, it became evident that her ascent to success was far from ordinary. A true trailblazer in leveraging personal branding, Dunne demonstrated an uncanny ability to turn her online presence into substantial earnings. Her appearance on the podcast left listeners in awe.

TikTok star Olivia Dunne dominates gymnastics with great brand deals


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The social media influencer shared her gratitude during her appearance on the Full Send Podcast, stating, “Yeah, I’m very fortunate. It’s just crazy to me.” In a YouTube Shorts video titled “Livvy Dunne Reveals How Much She Makes,” Dunne hinted at reaching significant milestones through collaborations with renowned brands. At first, she was hesitant to disclose her largest sponsored post payment. Later Dunne did reveal that she had reached the astounding six-figure mark for a single brand deal. 


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When the host probed further, confirming if it was over $500,000, Dunne affirmed it. Her ability to navigate the world of NIL deals has elevated her to a league of her own. She also added that she likes a long-term relationship with the brands. With 7.6 million TikTok followers and 4.2 million on Instagram, Dunne’s six-figure brand deals have solidified her position. 


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Dunne’s extraordinary rise reshapes the NIL landscape

Dunne’s exceptional success in the world of NIL deals is undeniable. With a staggering $3.5 million in agreements, she ranks third, trailing only James ($7.2 million) and Manning ($3.8 million). Her ascent is self-made, defying all expectations. In just 10 weeks, she skyrocketed her earnings by $242,000. According to Sporting News, the gymnastics prodigy is making her the highest-earning collegiate gymnast ever. She surpassed her closest competitor by an astonishing $2.1 million.


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Alongside Suni Lee, Dunne stands alone as the only collegiate athlete earning $1 million annually, leaving Chiles behind at $359,000. Her name reverberates across various industries, solidified by partnerships with ESPN, Leaf Trading Cards, and Caktus AI. 20-year-old millionaire gymnast’s impact continues to reshape the landscape of NIL.

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