Simone Biles is hailed as the gymnastics world’s greatest. Among her remarkable feats is the Yurchenko double pike on vault – a demanding maneuver entailing two and a half flips mid-air. Biles consistently executes this complex vault, earning high scores for its difficulty. Furthermore, this sure is the world’s toughest.

However, recent news from the US Gymnastics Championship indicates a growing challenge. The 4X Olympic gold medalist’s efforts to expand the sport’s boundaries are met with resistance from the International Gymnastics Federation. Moreover, the Federation seemingly withholds the deserved recognition for her groundbreaking skills.

Simone Biles makes history with vault mastery


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A recent Instagram post by US Gym showcased Simone Biles shifting to a different vault after successfully landing the Yurchenko double pike. The gymnastics prodigy broke out the Cheng as her second vault at the “#XfinityChamps”, and captioned, “Oh, she’s coming for that Vault medal!” The video displayed Biles’ flawless vault execution. Despite her prowess, a challenge looms as the International Gymnastics Federation appears adamant about withholding deserved recognition for her skills. Laurent Landi, one of Biles’ coaches, voiced their concerns, stating that athletes should shine through their strengths rather than be penalized.


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The difficulty of Biles’ vault is unmatched – no other woman has attempted it, and few men dare to. The immense strength needed for the two-pike rotation leaves no room for error, carrying the risk of a potentially disastrous landing. With Biles achieving an astounding 59.300 all-around score at the US Gymnastics, she has undoubtedly etched her name in history. The gymnastics queen deserves no less recognition for her massive achievements.

Biles’ gymnastic skills deserve fair recognition

In a curious dance of numerical values, every gymnastic skill is assigned a distinct number, a code of complexity. Here’s where it gets intriguing – the more formidable the skill, the greater the number. Enter the Yurchenko double pike, a vault that demands extraordinary strength and precision. Landi speaks her mind and stated that while logic would advocate for a hefty value of 6.6 due to its difficulty, even 6.4, as bestowed at the recent U.S. Classic on August 5, seems more justifiable. Notably, Simone Biles executed this vault at the 2021 U.S. Classic and again this month.


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Yet, in a twist that borders on the perplexing, the women’s technical committee.  The arbiters of skill values seem inclined to allot a meager 6.2 at best for the Yurchenko double pike. This peculiar decision echoes the past of Biles’ unmatched talents as reported by USA Today.

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An argument of safety might arise, but the premise of sport, especially one as intricate as gymnastics, should be to celebrate extraordinary abilities, not stifle them. Landi also expressed that Biles should be appraised for her unique feats, independent of others’ limitations.

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