“Miss You Already”: After Dreamy Weekend, Simone Biles And Jonathan Owens Will Stay In Different Cities

Published 05/31/2023, 5:30 AM EDT

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Newly married couple Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles celebrated the new beginning after his huge career decision to be a part of the Green Bay Packers. Though the star gymnast stood by Jonathan Owens’s decision to join Green Bay Packers, his traveling to Wisconsin caused her pain. Deeply attached to her husband, staying away from him was hard.
However, it was important for the NFL star to train with his new team. Biles didn’t stand in his way, despite crying at the thought of separating from him and remaining in Houston. Recently, Biles confessed that she felt Owens’s absence deeply on her Instagram handle.

Simone Biles craves for her husband after a difficult decision

Her admission came after she flew to Wisconsin to spend time with her husband. The couple thoroughly enjoyed themselves in Door County, Wisconsin. The couple had a dreamy weekend surrounded by parks and scenic locations. Boating and watching the sunset together, the couple made unforgettable memories. After this trip, the time spent with Owens made Biles realize how hard it would be to stay away from her husband.
In a recent Instagram story, the gymnastics icon displayed a memorable picture of Owens and held nothing back about what she was experiencing. The Olympics champion posted a picture of Owens, dressed in a white shirt and smiling cheerfully on Instagram. The star gymnast captioned this recent Instagram Story, “Miss you already.”
Biles’ confession clearly reflects how her decision to reside forever in Houston is making her unhappy. Nonetheless, the star gymnast is sparing no effort to motivate her husband while he is training with his new team. From updating fans about the schedule for Green Bay Packers matches to dressing up in Owens’s new team jersey, the star gymnast is doing everything possible to encourage her husband. Earlier, the Olympics champion also shared a special message for the NFL star after he chose to be a part of the Green Bay Packers team.

Simone Biles’s heartfelt and moving support for Jonathan Owens

The star gymnast posted a picture on Instagram of the time when she and Owens visited Landeau field together. Exhibiting a picture where Owens was ready to sign the contract, she captioned the post, “So proud of you baby! Here’s to new beginnings! year 6! LFG!”
She also boosted Owens and his new team through the slogan “GO PACK GO.” Thrilled, the Olympic champion also shared this news on her Twitter handle. Biles’s admissions are proof of her tremendous love for the NFL star. It remains to be seen whether the star gymnast remains firm on her decision to stay in Houston forever.



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