“You Are Such a Blessing”: Simone Biles Mother Reacts to Baby Biles’s Six Months Journey

Published 05/29/2023, 5:50 PM EDT

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Ronni Louise Biles’s presence has always been a source of joy for the Biles family. Born on 25th November 2022 to parents Sammi and Ron Biles, the baby girl was showered with affection by all family members. Simone Biles’s mother Nellie Biles, much like her daughter, never misses a chance to share her fondness for her granddaughter. Celebrating Christmas and spending quality time with her, the happy grandmother can be frequently seen with Ronni. Recently, the gymnastics legend’s mom expressed her gratitude on the occasion of her grandchild turning six months.
Nellie Biles reacted to her daughter-in-law Sammi Biles’s post celebrating her daughter, Ronni’s 6 months journey. The short video clip displayed a series of images of Baby Biles from when she was born. Playing in the video’s background were the moving words of Kiara Whittle’s poem, “I hope that my daughter uses her voice.” Responding to this video, Simone Biles’s mother wrote a heartfelt comment on the post.

Nellie Biles expresses joy at Ronni Louise Biles turning 6 months

The 73-year-old grandmother reacted to a video where Ronni can be seen smiling, and sleeping peacefully. Sammi Biles captioned this video, “You are every bit of perfect.” Responding to it Nellie reacted, “Ronni you are such a blessing.”  This post also featured an image where the baby girl, dressed in black, raises her hand while keeping her eyes closed as if forbidding people to click pictures. Simone Biles had also posted this cute photo in an earlier Instagram Story and added: “Said no pictures.” 
Earlier, the star gymnast’s mother had also shared another amazing Instagram post of her granddaughter. Through this short video clip, she shared unforgettable moments of the 6-month-old apple of her eyes.

Nellie Biles posts Ronni Biles’s most memorable moments

Nellie shared a social media post on 22nd December 2022, where the grandma can be seen tenderly holding Sammi and Ron Biles’s offspring in her arms. Another snapshot exhibits Ronni dressed in an orange outfit, where her eyes are closed. In yet another image, she can be seen with her eyes open, staring without blinking. The song ‘Calm Down’ is playing heard in the background of the video. One picture in the video also depicts Ronald Biles spending time with his grandchild.
Simone Biles’s mother’s statement shows her deep affection for her young grandkid. Fans will definitely look forward to knowing more about their bond.



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