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“There Might Be a Little Bit More”- Simone Biles Reveals Her Plans on Gymnastics Coaching for Future

Published 05/24/2022, 9:30 PM EDT

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While some defy the odds, most athletes can perform to their full potential only up to a certain point in time. Their performances gradually start to decline with growing age. Therefore, they begin contemplating alternative career options once they reach a certain age. Recently, Simone Biles was asked a similar question during an event.

The gymnast has had a brilliant run in the Olympic Games and the World Championships. However, Biles withdrew from the multiple events at the Tokyo Olympics citing mental health concerns. Since then, people have only wondered if the athlete would compete at the next global meet.


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What does the future have in store for Simone Biles?

Simone was asked a question in line with this at the Workhuman Live event in Atlanta, where she was a featured speaker.

While speaking with Chief People Officer, Steve Pemberton, Biles said, “Right now, that’s trying to find joy outside of gym, because I’ve been almost out of the gym for a year now.”


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Reflecting on her future in other activities, the seven-time Olympic medalist said, “Trying to find what other joys and aspirations that I have outside of that because I have accomplished so much.”

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When asked about her plans for future involvement in the sport, she replied, “In some way or capacity.”

Then, shifting to her opinion on coaching young athletes, Biles added, “I don’t know about coaching. I did it for a little bit. All my coaches went back to France. And although the girls listen to me and I can relate to them and I can tell them what they are feeling, either in the air, it went really well. I just think there might be a little bit more.”

Biles can certainly coach upcoming talent in the sport after her retirement. She has the know-how required to prepare young athletes for the global stage. Furthermore, she acknowledged that she had the experience of coaching other gymnasts when her coaches were away.

Has Biles made a decision yet?


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However, Biles has not made up her mind yet regarding her future in the sport; perhaps, she needs some time to figure it out. Besides, being the most decorated gymnast comes with its responsibilities, and one cannot decide one’s fate on a whim.

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Important decisions require thoughtful consideration and utmost preparation. Therefore, taking the time to ponder these things is the right thing to do, especially when the person in question is a seven-time Olympic medalist with the prospect of winning more medals in the future.


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And with her marriage to Jonathan Owens underway, the athlete has a lot on her plate right now. Is Biles thinking of reaching a conclusion pertaining to her career once she gets married? Only time will tell.



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