“I Was the Worst” : Wayne Gretzky Makes a Candid Confession During a ‘Fun’ Family Outing With Dustin Johnson and Wife Janet

Published 03/10/2023, 10:57 AM EST

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Enjoying his retirement to the fullest from ice hockey since ‘99, Wayne Gretzky recently gave fans a glimpse of a day well spent with his family in an Instagram post. In the 9th March update, Gretzky’s family including the brothers, Dustin and Austin Johnson, and wife Janet Jones were seen posing on the green field under the sun.

It was an eventful day for the ice hockey legend wherein the trio gathered to play a number of sports. Which games did Gretzky play and what was his honest admission? Read on to find out!

The day was eventful, but not for Wayne Gretzky


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The ice hockey champion captioned this Instagram post, “Great day hockey golf an baseball so much fun.” Dressed in a black shirt, white shorts, sports shoes and a cap, Gretzky is smiling, clearly indicating how he is enjoying himself.


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The post also showed how Dustin Johnson’s younger brother Austin Johnson was also a part of this family outing. Subtly expressing his retired self, The Great One also posted a comment, “I was the worst.” 

When a fan asked him whether he beat everyone in the games, Gretzky replied, “lost.” Clearly, the White Tornado is unhappy with his performance for the day. Even though it might come as a surprise to many, Gretzky spent his childhood playing various games like golf and lacrosse along with ice hockey.

Gretzky not only revealed his favorite sport but also shared a rare insight into how he wished to make a career in that sport. Surprisingly, that sport was not ice hockey.


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Wayne Gretzky shares his deep love for a sport before choosing ice hockey as a career

The Great One made this revelation in 2017 when he was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show. He disclosed, “My favorite sport believe it or not was baseball, I wanted to become a major league baseball player.”

Continuing, he added that he would listen to Jack Buck on the radio in his hometown of Brantford, Ontario. Jack Buck was an American broadcaster who used to give updates about baseball on the radio. Further, he disclosed that it was the motivating words of his father that made him choose ice hockey over baseball as a full-time career. Elaborating on this in another interview with The Steam Room podcast, Gretzky recounted how he had almost signed a check to be a part of a baseball club but was stopped by his father.

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Gretzky’s admissions indicate how he liked to experiment and play different games despite not being the Jack of all trades. Fascinating how life turns out to be, don’t you think?




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