It was yet another heartbreaking day for horse racing enthusiasts on Sunday with the loss of one of the champion equines. The Gulfstream Park Racing welcomed the glam, entertainment, and fierce competition to its highly celebrated venue for an evening of thrills. However, the day’s end brought along a contradictory note for those in attendance and those away with a grievous loss.

On Sunday, with the event’s proceedings, the Gulfstream Park saw the 2022 Breeders’ Cup contender Congruent draw his last breath. The nature and cause of the situation added by the horse racing authorities’ reaction to the same, called for an angered, heartfelt response from the spectators.

Congruent says an unkind goodbye


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The 4-year-old colt, Congruent, though not an exceptional standout, had his share of victorious moments. In his near two-year career, the Saffie A. Joseph-trained equine started a total of 12 races, securing three wins, inclusive of Battaglia Memorial. However, with more in store for the equine, Gulfstream proved to be the last of the tracks. As per the surfaced clips, Congruent had taken a comfortable lead in the field of 9 for the 4th race of the day. But was soon moved off the tracks.

As per a report, the equine took a bad step midway, incurring an injury while the rest of the race proceeded. Then off the camera, Congruent was pulled up to check on the condition only to end up being euthanized. The sorrowful incident that escalated in a matter of minutes, pulled on the heartstrings of the horse racing enthusiasts. Some angered and some heartbroken, took to social media to express their emotions.

Horse racing enthusiasts mourn the loss

Watching the surfaced clip of the horse racing event, fans speculated if Congruent was trying to say something during the race. “IMO was telling rider something was wrong,” one of the users states his observation. He further expresses sorrow writing, “sad to watch.” 

The next spectator expressed anger over the loss writing, “Why didn’t the humans take care of him? ” 

Another user aligning with the earlier observation, states how the situation has scarred her from watching live races further. “I have to watch the replays. Bless his heart,” she writes.

A horse racing spectator next followed along the aforementioned emotion, lamenting the tragic turn of events. “I woke up still indignant over Congruent,” the post reads.


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The trail followed next as one of the spectators bashed the system over the handling of the situation. “Congruent was doing everything possible to show people he was hurting,” the user remarks.


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Some of the fans even jumped in defense of the connections, reasoning none can be sure. And it continues to stand true. There have been no reports or details of the situation so far and the horse racing community awaits.

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