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27-Year-Old Racer Returning to Field Alongside Family After Marathon Nearly Took His Life

Published 03/12/2022, 10:00 AM EST

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All sports stories have one common element in them. They are all inspirational. However, sometimes they are magical, as in the story of Tyler Moon. After going through a life-threatening episode in Twin Cities 10-Miler, Tyler is once again ready to compete in the marathon that he left unfinished two years ago. Only this time, he’ll run beside the guy who saved his life.

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In the 2019 edition of the Twin Cities 10-Miler marathon, the 25-year-old Minnesota resident Tyler Moon suffered a cardiac attack during the run. He didn’t show any signs of life for nearly 15-minutes. As per the reports, he experienced ventricular tachycardia, a type of cardiac attack which reduces blood flow, and the runner fell on the ground on his face.


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Tyler Moon is back in the marathon with his family and friend

He was extremely lucky to have a registered nurse anesthetist named Jesse Bueno present at the moment of his cardiac attack. Bueno, with the help of some fellow runners, kept him alive until further aid came for him. However, this year he would take part in the marathon with his father, wife, and his savior Bueno.

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Before taking part in the race, Tyler (now 27) said,“One of the greatest things to come out of that terrifying experience was the recognition of who’s important in my life.” He is grateful that god gave him a second chance in life and he is taking part in the marathon once again to conquer his fear of the horrific day.


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Jesse Bueno is a true friend


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Bueno not only saved Tyler’s life from the unfortunate accident but also helped him to train for the marathon once again. After the incident in 2019, they immediately became friends, and now they’ll be taking part in the Twin Cities 10-Miler together. Tyler has already done a virtual marathon last year, and now he is ready to finish what he started two years ago.

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On his friendship with Tyler, Bueno said, “He’s one of those people who’s a jokester, but you can also talk to him about anything, and that’s what we do,” says Bueno. “Sports, family, work, running—we just never really have any quiet time.”


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Tyler Moon could have just left running after it nearly cost him his life. However, the fighter in him chooses to conquer that fear rather than being haunted by it for the rest of his life.



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