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“He Was Drinking Beef Blood”: Hollywood Legend Was Once ‘Scared’ by Bruce Lee’s Bizarre Diet

Published 02/22/2023, 1:25 PM EST

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Many co-stars and students of Bruce Lee have frowned upon his obsession with training. The martial art legend and actor was ready to undertake everything that could make him an undisputed global icon. Apart from training vehemently, Lee had an unimaginable diet regime too. In Lee’s biography, legendary actor James Coburn revealed that he was once sacred by Lee’s bizarre diet.

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Riding his success ladder in Hollywood in the 1970s, Lee became close to many legendary actors like Chuck Norris, Steve McQueen, and James Coburn. All his co-stars had noticed something unique in Lee. The ‘Cross of Iron’ actor and Lee’d former student James Coburn was stunned to see Lee drinking blood in his diet.

What was Bruce Lee’s diet that involved blood?


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Bruce Lee was a fanatic with his diet and training. As per his biography, Bruce Lee; A Life by Mathew Polly, Lee made his diet quite adventurous. He had immense faith in driving benefits from items like ginseng and queen bee honey.

Moreover, Lee’s complete diet involved consuming a high-protein drink made up of Rheo Blair Protein Powder, ice water, powdered milk, eggs, eggshells, bananas, vegetable oil, peanut flour, and chocolate ice cream.


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The mind-boggling part of Lee’s diet was blending raw hamburger beef with smoothies. In the biography, Lee’s former student and close friend James Coburn also noticed Lee drinking beef blood. He expressed, “The thing that really scared me was when he was drinking beef blood,”

Drinking animal blood might sound gross but it is healthy if consumed in smaller quantities. More so, researchers have found that beef blood contains protein and water. Apart from consuming protein shakes, perhaps Lee was focused on deriving more protein for his body through beef blood.

Like James Coburn, many have described Lee’e weird training tricks that dedicated his seriousness to his craft.


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More mind-boggling things performed by Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee performed the most bizarre things to maintain his physique. He would carry a makiwara board everywhere to improve his punching technique and strengthen his knuckles. Also, to remove his tiredness, Lee would use an electrical muscle stimulator machine to increase his pulse and repetition.

Mentioning his obsession with bodybuilding, Lee got every possible fitness magazine like Strength & Health, Ironman, Muscle Builder, Mr. America, Muscular Development, and Muscle Training Illustrated to train his body at its best.


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