“His Tooth Was Still in My Hand”: Martial Arts Legend Jackie Chan Was Once ‘Petrified’ After Showing Off His Fighting Prowess

Published 11/19/2022, 12:30 PM EST

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When one thinks of martial arts, there are only a few pioneers that come to mind. One is the legendary Bruce Lee, while the other is the iconic Jackie Chan. Both stars popularised the use of martial arts in Hollywood movies. In fact, Jackie Chan gave rise to a new form of action movies that blended with comedy. The star is still popular for his iconic role in Rush Hour.

Jackie Chan paved his way into the film industry by working as a stunt director. But the Hong Kong heartthrob had different dreams at one point in his life. Since he began martial arts at a young age, he wanted to become a nightclub bouncer. However, a horrific incident shattered his dreams.


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Jackie Chan terrified after a fight

Once, while working as a bouncer, Jackie Chan got into a scuffle with someone. A physical fight ensued, and while the star was able to show his expertise, things took a turn for the worse. After the fight subdued, Chan was left with what he thought was a broken hand. His bones seemed exposed at the knuckle and for a few days, the icon believed that he was injured badly. However, he later came to an even more horrible realization.

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The actor realized it wasn’t the bone on his knuckle- it was someone’s tooth! When the martial artist participated in the fight, he accidentally knocked off the person’s tooth, which was stuck in his hand.


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And while Chan tried to let it go, fear crept up on him. The star remembered his nervousness after coming to terms with the reality. He said, “I had a scuffle with someone and two days later I found out his tooth was still in my hand”.


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The subsequent fear

The actor feared that he had knocked a punch so badly that he killed someone. He recalled staying alert and reading the newspaper every day to find out if he actually killed the person.

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Although this incident tells everyone about his fighting prowess, his adverse reaction to it says a lot about his nature. While he intended to protect, he was petrified of hurting someone. Chan has always been a peace-loving individual, and this incident is a testament to it.

Had the tooth incident not occurred, do you think Chan would have become a bouncer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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