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“I Failed”: Jackie Chan Made a Saddening Remark During His Son’s Darkest Phase in 2014

Published 02/10/2023, 3:30 PM EST

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Jackie Chan is one of the most well-known names in Hollywood. As an epitome of resilience and fortitude, the martial artist always followed principles in life. Although he confronted one of his biggest setbacks in life caused by the imprisonment of his son Jaycee Chan. Reportedly, the police arrested Jaycee for his involvement with drugs. This led to Chan’s eventual face loss, and he thought it to be a failure as a father. Moreover, losing confidence, he started questioning his teachings, which fell short of Jaycee’s misconduct.

Sharing the responsibility of the conviction, Chan admitted his shortcomings. Let’s check out what the martial artist had to share.

Jackie Chan once talked his heart out


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In his memoir, Never Grow Up, Chan referred to how his shooting schedule made him distant from his son. And, Jaycee grew up fearing his father. In 2014, things took a different turn and the son of a respectable man was put in jail. The accusation was that Jaycee welcomed two of his friends who were carrying drugs on his property.

This news devastated Hollywood. As the court sent his son behind the bars for six months, Chan couldn’t hold himself and finally speak to the media. The Vanguard star apologized on behalf of his son’s guilt. He stated, “I failed to teach my son and I must also bear responsibility. Jaycee and I bow deeply to apologize to society.”


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Not only that, he wanted the new generation to note the instance. As he further added, “I hope young people will see Jaycee as a cautionary tale and stay away from drugs,” As a responsible father, Chan was strict with Jaycee for this and even didn’t visit him when he was set free from prison. Notably, he remained aloof and didn’t even speak with his son for a long time.


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This was his Asian upbringing that prevented Chan from sheltering the wrong-doer. Though Chan was a strict father, he always pulled up his son in his bad times as he wrote, “I’m not a good dad, but I’m a responsible dad”.

Chan stood by his son’s side in his thick and thins

As a caring father, the action-comedy actor always supported his son silently. It was Jackie’s disciplinary teaching style that he waited for his junior to realize his mistake first, then only he will get help from his father to overcome the consequences.



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The kung fu movie star wants his offspring to make his own way of the world. Thus, once decided to give away all his money to charitable organizations. Though the martial artist supported his son in his uphill endeavors and in his downfalls, he always desired Jaycee to live his life on what he could afford.


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