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Blood on Bruce Lee’s Neck From His Opponent’s Hidden Weapon Led to a Strong Reaction

Published 03/26/2023, 3:15 PM EDT

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While popular actor Bruce Lee was a martial arts expert, he wasn’t the only one adept in martial arts. Wong Jack Man was another martial arts expert, excelling in kung fu. When Wong Jack Man challenged Lee to a fight, Lee realized that he had underestimated his opponents. All the details of this fight are revealed in Matthew Polly’s biography named Bruce Lee: A Life.

This biography relates the real reason why Wong challenged Lee to a fight. Lee criticized the traditional kungfu style followed in China during his public appearance at the Sun Sing theatre. He even imitated the Northern Shaolin’s wide kicks and emphasized it wasn’t the right technique. After a spectator protested that what Lee was demonstrating wasn’t kung fu, Lee asked whether anyone would volunteer to demonstrate what was kung fu. A student named Kenneth Wong volunteered. However, Lee managed to outmanoeuvre Wong, later telling the audience to visit his martial arts school. Enraged, a student named David Chin encouraged Wong Jack Man, a Northern Shaolin kungfu practitioner to challenge Lee, later giving Lee the letter of the challenge. So what happened in the fight? Read on to find out!

Bruce Lee’s unforgettable fight with Wong Jack Man


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Dressed in a white tank top and jeans, Lee faced Wong Jack Man who was dressed in a traditional black kung fu outfit with long sleeves. After staring at each other for a moment, Wong bowed his head as Lee positioned himself in the Wing Chun stance. Later, Wong thrust his right hand out, apparently to shake hands before the fight. However, this proved to be a dangerous error.

At this moment, Lee came forward with force, with a low kick, later directing a spear towards Wong’s eye, hitting the orbital region, narrowly missed Wong’s eye, leaving him stunned at Lee’s prowess. Following up with Wing Chun punches, Lee kept the pressure on Wong who backpedalled, trying to defend himself with his arms.


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Post this, changing his approach, Lee aimed a kick at Wong’s groin which the latter blocked with his knee. As the fight progressed, Wong became increasingly alarmed at Lee’s aggressive tactics and tried to escape from the fight, running away. Chased by Lee, Wong went towards a storage room. While going out of the storage room, Wong suddenly turned and karate chopped on Lee’s neck. Blood gushed from Lee’s neck and this left onlookers shocked. Wong had used his secret weapon, leather wrist braces with metallic spikes which he had hidden under his sleeves.

Further, the biography narrated how enraged at Wong’s deception, Lee continued his attempts to punch Wong, telling Wong, “Yield! Give up.” At this moment, David Chin and other onlookers intervened to prevent Lee and Wong from fighting. In the meanwhile, Lee shouted to Wong, “Admit You lost! Say it! Admit you lost!”. However, Wong remained silent. After he calmed down somewhat, Lee told Wong to never discuss the fight with anyone.


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The biography’s disclosure indicates how Lee met a worthy opponent in Wong Jack Man. Do you think Wong took the right decision by using a secret weapon against Lee? Share your views in the comments section.



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