WATCH: Fans Go Crazy As Seiya Suzuki Blasts 412 Feet Moonshot For Chicago Cubs Against Milwaukee Brewers

Published 04/11/2022, 5:30 AM EDT

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The Chicago Cubs were pursuing the services of star outfielder Seiya Suzuki aggressively, and also before the 2022 season, it looks like we know why. In only his first hit recorded in Major League Baseball, Seiya Suzuki has managed to make a solid impact as he took the home plate. Debuting against the Milwaukee Brewers, Suzuki seemed to find peak-hitting form as he took a stance and deposited a pitch into the stands to establish the Cubs’ lead.

Playing at the Wrigley Field, Suzuki was in the line-up and batting at the bottom of the first when he took Freddy Peralta to the cleaners. With first and second base loaded, Suzuki walked out for his at-bat with some pressure. However, he let none of that have a play on him as he took 4 pitches before he deposited a pitch into the stands for a 3 run hit. And with the skill on clear display, Suzuki is fast making his way to becoming a Chicago favorite.


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Seiya Suzuki says “See-Ya”

Suzuki may have come into the league with great expectations, and he is delivering with room to spare. Batting at the bottom of the first Suzuki homered and homered with some power to grab the lead for the Chicago Cubs. And even though the Cubs eventually lost the encounter 5-4 to the Brewers, Suzuki certainly made an impact.

According to Statcast, Suzuki’s home run left the bat traveling at 110.9 mph. And the distance that he achieved was no joke either, with a 412 feet recorded hit. The Freddy Peralta pitch found its way through the deep left field and into the Wrigley Field bleacher seats as Suzuki took control.

Cubs’ manager, David Ross, certainly seemed happy with the outfielder. “That was nice, wasn’t it? That was loud,” Cubs manager David Ross said.


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Suzuki is making inroads at just the right places. With his home run ringing through Wrigley Field, he is appreciated by the Chicago fanbase. Said Ross, “The dugout erupted. It was nice to give us the lead. Felt really good. That was a beautiful swing.”

Suzuki signed with the Cubs for a 5-year contract worth $85 million and is surely reaping the returns. In his first 13 pitches at home plate, he has so far seen 57 pitches and swung only 11 times. Apart from showcasing tremendous plate discipline, Suzuki seems to pack a punch with his power hits; and Cubs fans will be happy.


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But what do you think? Do you think Suzuki has what it takes to mark the MLB and lead the Cubs to another pennant? Or do you think he may fall short this time?


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