“Icing It and Trying to Get..”- LA Angels Star Mike Trout Gives a Positive Update on His Injury

Published 04/19/2022, 12:42 PM EDT

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Los Angeles Angels Superstar Mike Trout injured his left hand on April 17th, 2022, against the Texas Rangers. Similarly, Trout is now day-to-day until the medical staff gives him a green signal to resume play. We saw him in the dugout today during the Angels-Astros game.

In a massive heartbreak for Los Angeles Angels fans, center fielder Mike Trout got injured as he was struck on the left hand, near the wrist during the game against the Texas Rangers. A couple of X-rays were conducted on Trout’s injured hands, which came negative. They then put him on day-to-day until his return date is clear. The Astros defeated the Angels as the game ended 8-3. This win made the Astros the AL West Division toppers with six wins and four losses. Meanwhile, the Angels slid down to the third place with six wins and five losses.


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Update on Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout

During the match against the Houston Astros, we saw Mike Trout in the dugout. His manager, Joe Maddon, mentioned beforehand that Trout won’t be playing against the Astros. It was an immense relief for the fans and his teammates to see Trout in the dugout. They conducted various tests yesterday on his hand in Houston. The medical staff took no risks and conducted an MRI to check for a possibility of a fracture. Luckily for Mike, no fractures were reported. The staff, however, informed him about some bruises and swelling near his left hand, where he got hit by an 81.1mph slider. In the dugout, we saw Trout wearing a wrapping to cover his hand from any further injuries. Reporter Erica Weston informed that Mike Trout will wear a pad on his hand when he recovers from the injury.


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Erica Weston interviewed Trout in the dressing room. She asked him about the injury and its status.
Trout said, “Just some bruising there. Once that is out, hand feels good, then we’re ready to go. It’s a lot better than yesterday. Icing it and trying to get the swelling down.”


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Angels fans hope that Trout recovers at the earliest. The Trout-Ohtani duo is a nightmare for the pitchers in the AL West Division. It is unlikely that Trout will play in today’s game as well, considering the swelling. He has not picked up a bat since the injury. We hope he gets back on the field to revive the Los Angeles Angels.

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