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“Kind of Wondering..”- Aaron Boone Reacts to New York Mets Blaming ‘MLB’ for ‘Bad’ Baseball

Published 04/28/2022, 11:50 AM EDT

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New York Mets, as a team, are probably having their best time in Major League Baseball. But their players are definitely not having a good time at the plate this season. Notably, the Mets players have been hit 19 times while batting. Reacting to this, a Mets pitcher blamed MLB for providing ‘bad baseballs’.

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Not to forget that the same hit-by-pitch incident led to a massive brawl between the New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals. And the day before the fight took place, there were multiple hit-by-pitch incidents in the second game.


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However, reacting to Bassitt’s comment on Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, also weighed on his opinions. Because he also believes that there have been some changes in baseballs by MLB lately.

Aaron Boone and Yankees’ pitcher indirectly supported the New York Mets ace Chris Bassitt

The Steve Cohen-owned team has been rock solid this season. Having played over six series, the Mets are undefeated in the 2022 season in the National League East. But, whenever the Mets have played, there has been at least one hit-by-pitch incident. And that is what led the Mets ace Chris Bassitt to take a dig at MLB.

Earlier this week, Bassitt blamed MLB for making bad baseballs. “MLB has a very big problem with the baseballs,” Bassitt said. They are bad. Everyone knows it. Every pitcher in the league knows it. MLB does not give a damn about it. They don’t care. We have told them our problems with them. They don’t care.”


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Reacting to this, the Yankees’ manager neither agreed nor denied. He said that he also experienced something strange about this season’s baseballs. 

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“A couple of balls that went out seemed like balls that for much of the season I wouldn’t have thought would have gone out. So we’ll see,” Aaron Boone said. “Yeah, I think everyone’s kind of wondering a little bit, but I think it’s got to play out.”


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Well, there is no official information from MLB regarding the ‘bad baseball’. Given the scenario, MLB might soon release its statement and clear the confusion. But what do you think? Did you feel any changes in baseballs while watching the games this season?



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