The MLB Lockout is doing no one any favors. Least of all the players currently in the league. Bryce Harper is making that an evident fact. One of the league’s best hitters at the moment, Harper has recently taken to post on social media to foreign teams where baseball has resumed, if only he can start playing again. In another potential swap, Harper hinted at a move to Taiwan this time.

The MLB has seen a whole host of foreign talent both enter the league as well as succeed in it. And with a growing footprint of it worldwide, baseball is a growing sport.


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Bryce Harper seems to be taking full advantage of its growing profile. The hitter recently took to social media to tag his fellow athlete and pitcher Chien-Ming Wang to consider a switch to the baseball outfit.

Bryce Harper to the Chinese League?

The 2021 NL MVP lodged some solid hitting numbers in the season past and would be a top-tier hire if he were to move teams. However, it seems unlikely that Harper was serious about the switch too, with a laughing emoji posted as a part of the update. The post saw a doctored image of Harper, with him sporting a CTBC Brothers uniform. Harper added to the hype around his post. Wrote Harper, “Loving these swaps.”

Harper wrote, “Chien-Ming Wang you need a guy?”

The pitcher spent 9 years in MLB between 2005 and 2016 and is currently a pitching coach for the CTBC Brothers. Based out of Taichung, Taiwan, the Brothers franchise plays in the Chinese Professional Baseball League and has seen moderate success in the past. Since their inception in 1989, the Brothers have won 12 league championships and eight Taiwan Series championships.

Could he really make a switch?


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While their trophy cabinet compared poorly with that of the Philadelphia Phillies, it is unlikely Harper will opt for a switch.

Harper still has over 10 years of his 13-year contract with the Phillies yet to come to pass and while swapping teams are common in MLB, this move seems a bit far-fetched. Signing on with the Phillies in a record deal, Harper will want to bring some accolades to the city before moving on.


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And while Harper may not be serious about the switch to an alternate side, the players certainly seem to be growing restless. Itching to get back in action, the new CBA may need to be put in place soon if the season is to see no more cancellations. But how soon do you think the lockout will end?