“They Were Just Trying to Delay”- Kansas City Royals Star Explains Why MLBPA Rejected MLB Mediator

Published 02/09/2022, 11:40 AM EST

The lockout in Major League Baseball is now two months old, and the situation is getting more complicated with each passing day. Things were going smoothly between the parties for the new Collective Bargaining Agreement until the owners requested to bring a mediator to the table. 

With this action, things have drastically changed in the past week. However, Kansas City Royals outfielder Whit Merrifield clarified why the Players’ Association does not want to include the mediator.

Whit Merrifield simplifies the key demands of MLB players


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Earlier this week, Merrifield took to his Twitter to clarify the demands of players in the simplest terms. In reply to a fan’s question, Merrifield briefed that based on the annual revenue of the league, younger players should get more compensation.

“Based on the incredible annual revenue of the league, we feel players with 0-3 years of service should be better compensated. We want to fix the competitive balance so EVERY team’s focus is winning year after year. We want to fix service time manipulation,” tweeted Whit Merrifield.


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Merrifield opens up on why the players’ association rejected to include the mediator

Recently, while speaking to Jayson Stark of The Athletic. The Royals outfielder said that the players are ready to get to the table and get a deal done.


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“They were just trying to delay that process even longer. And we have no interest in that. We’re interested in getting to the table and getting a deal done,” said Whit Merrifield to The Athletic.

When the reported asked him to explain the reason behind rejecting the mediator, Merrifield said that the idea of including a mediator in MLB history has not been productive.

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“We went back and forth on some topics. And we ended the meeting by them saying we’ll get back to you. And then they came out with this idea of a mediator, which in our league history has not been very productive,” added the Kansas City Royals outfielder.

The current scenario in MLB doesn’t look good, and if the lockout doesn’t end anytime soon. It will only get worse. What do you think about the entire situation? Let us know in the comments below.



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