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“This Is Baseball” – Miguel Cabrera Reacts To New York Yankees’ Intentional Walk To Deny Chances of 3000th Hit

Published 04/22/2022, 8:00 AM EDT

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Miguel Cabrera is tantalizingly close to entering a special club in MLB lore. With the Detroit Tigers taking on the New York Yankees, Cabrera drew within 1 hit of completing his claim to the 3000-hit club in MLB. With Cabrera drawing to hit 2999 on Wednesday, everyone expected him to breach the mark in the game on Thursday.

However, with an intentional walk, Cabrera was denied his chance at the fabled hit to take him into the history books.


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Cabrera’s tenure with the Detroit Tigers has been eventful. With the two-time AL MVP now 39, his time in MLB seems to be winding down. But he remains in hot pursuit of some of the league’s vaunted records. With the 3000th hit virtually around the corner, Cabrera brought about some of the most sportsman-like quotes that fans would have seen.

Showing ultimate respect for the team’s achievements over his own, Cabrera downplayed the importance, reminding everyone that the Tigers had won.

Cabrera downplays the importance of the 3000th hit

Miguel Cabrera seemed quite alright with being walked at the bottom of the 8th. Sitting in the clubhouse at the end of the game, Cabrera said, “This is baseball, you know.” Cabrera was walked to bring up a more favorable match-up for the Yankees with a lefty batter coming to the plate next. Cabrera had so far lodged a 0-3 record at the plate so far.

With a fly ball to left field to end his first at-bat and 2 strikeouts to follow, Cabrera got another swing (pun intended) courtesy of a stunning 8th innings rally by the Tigers. Said Cabrera, “That’s part of the game,” he added, “I went 0-for-3, but we got a chance to win. Beautiful.”


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The ultimate team player, Cabrera, reflected on the game positively still. After being intentionally walked, he pointed to the score display with the Tigers leading 3-0. This allows the Detroit franchise to snap out of a losing streak and take some positives going into their game on Friday against the Rockies.


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Fans will expect Cabrera to mark his entrance into exclusive company against the Rockies. Cabrera, however, maintained that the team’s interests came first. “I understand it. They wanna see 3000, but we wanna win first so,” he said, “You gotta be patient.”

By no means does this mean that Cabrera does not see the significance of the mark. He seemed ever excited to get going again on Friday with a smile on his face. Said Cabrera, “Hopefully, tomorrow I can get in with an RBI.”


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But what do you think? Can Cabrera make it 3000 against the Rockies? Or will he need a few games to get the record?



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