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“Don’t Live Under My Shadow”: Jackie Chan Cited a Bizarre Reason to Let His Son Take Care of Himself in 2015

Published 12/24/2022, 4:10 PM EST

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Action-comedy hero Jackie Chan is famous for his unconventional stunts and unpretentious behavior. But for the past few years, fans have seen a more strict side of him, especially in his relationship with his son Jaycee Chan. The star remained disciplined throughout his life and wanted his son to be the same. Consequently, this led to his big decision of donating all his money to charity.

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This 68-year-old artist is often seen to be giving interviews, indicating a tumultuous relationship with his son. He even admitted to teaching him lessons in his own way. As an austere person, he wanted his son to make his own life.


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Jackie Chan’s complicated relationship with Jaycee

From his childhood, Jaycee received very strict rules from his father. For the Hollywood star, “He’s a big boy. He should take care of himself. Don’t live under my shadow.”  In his book Never Grow Up, he wrote, “He gets frightened whenever he hears me give him an order,” The ‘Vanguard’ star wanted his kid to respect the elders and value his time. Certainly, his way of teaching was not to be meddled with.

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But he realized his mistake only after witnessing MIB actor Will Smith’s supportive behavior toward his son while shooting for “The Karate Kid”. For Chan, that gave him a new dimension of a father-son relationship. He started to introspect about his parenting style. Chan wrote, “I’m not a good dad, but I’m a responsible dad”. He further added that he would always help his son to recover, only when he is aware of his mistakes.


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Distance led to punishment


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Chan says in his interview that he met his son once every two years. Turns out, it gave the kid a harsh figure of his father to reminisce about. This gap led to the action star’s eventual decision not to give his son a share of his fortune. Instead, he wants him to be capable of making his own money in the way of the world. He wishes that Jaycee does not “waste” money and knows the value of it.

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“As a public figure”, Jaycee’s father was “ashamed” of him for his vulnerability. In another interview, Chan candidly talked about his son and said that he should visit “the place” where he had gone previously, referring to his imprisonment in 2014. According to Chan, it made a man out of Jaycee who would do something creative and constructive.


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Chan may be a bit orthodox when it comes to controlling his child, but he has always wished the best for him. He wants to give Jaycee the scope to let the world know about his acumen. After all, he is a humble human being in a gruff and grumpy mask.



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