“Transcend My Ego”: Bruce Lee’s Resurfaced Brutally Honest Interview Is Making Fans Nostalgic

Published 04/09/2023, 4:01 PM EDT

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It has been five decades since Bruce Lee’s demise, yet his teachings inspire people globally. The greatest part about the master was that his lessons were beyond martial arts. They were about navigating oneself through tricky life situations. Recently, a resurfaced video of one of the most famous quotes by Lee inspired fans again.

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A few hours ago, Lee’s memoir Instagram page shared a short clip of a famous 1971 interview with Pierre Berton. In that interview, the master talked about how he perceived martial arts.

This is what Bruce Lee found difficult about martial arts


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During the interview, host Pierre Berton questioned Bruce Lee about the meaning of martial arts. The master revealed that according to him, “Honestly expressing yourself…it is very difficult to do.” For Bruce Lee, staying honest with oneself was something tough to achieve as it comes with great discipline. He further explained why.


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Lee explained that he could show off his extraordinary skills to people and woo them very easily. He could be pretentious in public with his skills but to himself, he had to be very honest. He stated in the interview, “But to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself…now that, my friend, is very hard to do.” He explained that instead of showing off one’s fancy combat skills, one should work on his weaknesses and improve them. He indicated that martial artists should practice to better their reflex actions so that they do not have to think which trick to use while combating their opponents.


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“Be Flooded With a C**ky Feeling”: Bruce Lee Spilling Secrets of His Martial Arts Skills in a 1971 Interview Will Leave You Stunned

The founder of Jeet Kune Do, strongly believed that martial art was for self-defense and not violence. Hence, apart from working on improving skills, showing off was not something he abided by. The short clip inspired many fans on Instagram. They commented their observations of the video too.

Fans remember Bruce Lee’s lesson on showing off

Bruce Lee’s take on showing off connected perfectly with his fans. Many expressed their views on it,

Fans commented on what they learned from the video,

When I saw this part of Bruce Lee’s interview some 10+ years ago on YouTube he inspired me to transcend my ego & go much deeper into my training as an actor.”

“he had so much wisdom. an inspiration to look up to. 🥹🐉”

“Truth! Be yourself with no compromise.”

Many reckoned that the master was a great philosopher,

“See, martial arts isn’t just physical. The great aspect is psychological. Bruce Lee understood that!”

“I do believe his words what he says always the great philosopher and a great warrior and martial artist actor and teacher”


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Many hailed the legend for who he was,

“Bruce Lee will always be number 1 in my books. Honestly a true and inspiring legend”

“Ahead of his time with wisdom and fighting skills 🙌💪”


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The master’s lessons were beyond martial arts. Lee’s other philosophies like ‘Be Like Water’ and ‘Learnt it All, Forget it All,’ have also been quite impactful on his fans.



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