“Where’s Your Compassion?” as Jada Pinkett Smith Declares Tupac Shakur ‘Her Soulmate,’ Stephen A. Smith Confronts Her Over Public Disclosures

Published 10/14/2023, 4:19 AM EDT

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Jada Pinkett Smith, as an actress, singer, and talk show host, has had her share of highs and lows. As someone who has been the face of the Hollywood industry for a long, Jada Smith likes to hold her ground strong. With a family that has shown their mettle in singing, acting, and hosting, the Smiths have created a legacy of their own. However, as Jada releases her new book, ‘Worthy’, news about the couple’s separation pours in.

Will Smith and Jada Smith married in 1997, after dating for three long years. But Jada Smith’s interview about her marriage has been the talk of the town recently. The actress opened how the couple, though not officially divorced, have been living separately since 2016. Jada also talked about how her relation with Tupac Shakur “wasn’t possible” because there was “no chemistry.” However, she named the singer as her “soulmate.” As this went viral, American television host and sports journalist, Stephen A. Smith, chimed in to share his perspective.

Stephen A. Smith on keeping things private


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NBA host of the ESPN community, Stephen A. Smith, is arguably the best man for commentary. Known for amazing expressions and a versatile way of delivery, Stephen A. Smith has shared his take on the Jada Smith and Will Smith’s separation. Talking about it, he poured some serious insights. Smith said, “Let me tell y’all What Will Smith does not deserve, he does not deserve what Jada Pinkett Smith has done to him…”

He further added, “I am not going to utter a disrespectful word about her. That’s not where I’m going… There are a few questions that Jada Pinkett Smith deserves to be asked to her. Where’s your compassion? Where’s your decency? Where is your respect for a man you still acknowledge is your husband? Where is the respect for a man you walk down the aisle with and pledged your life to in 1997?” But that was not all.


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The NBA analyst also had some insights on keeping things private. He added, “What you do is your business…That is your business… Did you have to go and tell everybody? Go ahead and do it! Why everybody had to know… you didn’t tell them what you did when you were doing it… Why? cuz it’s none of our business so why talk about it? Give it to yourself and you keep it to yourself. Not just because it’s yourself, because it’s a man who loves you, who married you, He deserve that? Seriously, he deserve that?

His statement comes after Jada spoke about her relationship with Tupac, marriage struggles and the need for ‘self-acceptance’ in an interview with People magazine. Recently, Stephen A. Smith also gave his take on the famous Oscar incident, one that shook the world. He expressed his disbelief at what Jada thought was a “skit.”

Was it a ‘skit’?


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Year after the Oscars incident, Jada Pinkett Smith has finally opened up about how she felt. When actor Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards, Jada thought that it was just a “skit” because there was no way that ‘Will hit him.’ As her statement went viral, Stephen A. Smith took to his podcast to discuss the same.

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Talking about it, he said, “She originally thought Will slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars was a ‘skit!’ That it wasn’t real?” Expressing his disbelief, Smith said, “She didn’t know it was real when she saw Chris Rock’s face do damn near 180 when she saw her man’s imprints on his left jaw! She thought it was a skit when she heard that loud a** slap…!”


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As news about Jada and Will Smith emerges, all that was said and meant can only be truly understood once Jada Smith’s book, “Worthy” hits the shelves on 17th October. That being said, one cannot pick sides by merely weighing in on thoughts and insights.

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