Dave Portnoy Grows More Confident for “Biggest Bet” After NFL Losses

Published 12/27/2023, 7:45 AM EST

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It looks like a series of misplaced wagers isn’t the thing to put off the Barstool Sports owner. Dave Portnoy’s recent financial luck hasn’t been something to talk about (or is it?), but he’s not stopping until he gets it right. In yet another stunning announcement, Portnoy has given hints about his next big move and it’s pretty intense!

Since Tom Brady exiting, the New England Patriots have been in a slump. With his favorite team going through a rough patch, El Presidente found new pastures to tread. However, his support came with a bagful of money to bet on his NFL analysis skills. And every time, Portnoy’s predictions remained untrue, entailing a considerable economic loss. Yet, he refuses to stay away from gambling.

Dave Portnoy remains unwavered


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On January 1, the precedence is being set that Alabama Crimson Tide will face off against Michigan Wolverines in California for the coveted Rose Bowl. Portnoy couldn’t help but put all his eggs in one basket thanks to his unwavering faith in his alma mater. The recent sign-stealing allegations against the Wolverines haven’t sat well with Portnoy and he believes their rivals should instead focus on their own programs. Portnoy thinks Michigan is way too successful in Division I for any of the others to try to tarnish its name. His belief is so strong that he’s even willing to go all-out this time.

In his recent Twitter post, Portnoy announced that he will be putting a million dollars on Michigan for their upcoming match in the NCAA tournament at the beginning of the next year. And yet, earlier in the day, he confessed in another post I’ve lost 5 straight Nfl games,“. While he hasn’t forgotten his recent luck, it looks like Portnoy is once again ready to live life by the edge.


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The good news is, Michigan is on a roll. This season, they’ve stomped over all their opponents in a grandiose fashion and are yet to lose their first game. With the NFL not being the thing that Portnoy needs it to be, El Presidente turns to collegiate football to turn around his luck.


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Alma mater to the rescue?

The Cincinnati Bengals and the Green Bay Packers have both proved to be unreliable to Portnoy. The Bengals irked Portnoy with their scheme to hide QB Joe Burrow’s injury, and they were subjugated by the Baltimore Ravens. On the other hand, Portnoy’s faith in the Green Bay Packers was decimated by the New York Packers.

‘Michigan Man’ Dave Portnoy’s Wry take on Hiring Ex-Marine Connor Stallion for Ohio State Program


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Both of these two matches Portnoy bet on and lost. “Every bet I lose builds my confidence for the biggest bet of my life 1 week from today”, wrote Portnoy and we hope his nerves are strong enough to sustain another blow to the guts!

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