After proposing lifetime contract, Dave Portnoy Teases Connor Stalions’ Future Plans

Published 11/11/2023, 5:51 AM EST

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Ever since the sign-stealing scandal took the spotlight for the University of Michigan, several conjectures were formed around its recruiting staff member, Connor Stalions. Hence, in the wake of the NCAA’s ongoing investigation, the University of Michigan fired Stalions as he emerged as the prime suspect for the in-person scouting. However, following the fiasco, Barstool Sports owner, Dave Portnoy offered Stalions an offer to work with his company.

In October 2023, when the scandal came to light, NCAA kick-started its investigation,and because Stalions was a prime suspect, he became a subject of public scrutiny. Nonetheless, amidst the conjectures, Portnoy offered Stalions a work opportunity. However, days after his proposal, the Barstool Sports owner has another perspective to share regarding Stalions’ future plans.

Dave Portnoy hints something’s cooking for Connor


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Stalions has not yet made any clarification about his immediate future. Nevertheless, he has a standing offer from Dave Portnoy-led Barstool Studio.  After Portnoy has publicly offered a lifetime contract to Connor Stalions, his latest tweet hints a step further.

He tweeted a Barstool Manifesto Cover Page featuring Connor Stalions and himself at the centre. Captioning the tweet, he penned, “For all those people wondering what Connor Stalions is up to. Don’t you worry about it.”


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This public show of support comes at a time when Stalions’ future in sports seemed uncertain. The allegations against him involved purchasing tickets for more than 30 games over the last three years.


However, Portnoy backs Stalions by extending his support to him. Whie offering him a job at Barstool Sports, Portnoy added, ““Conor Stalians has a standing offer for employment at Barstool Sports.” He further added, “I’d be proud to hire a Marine, a Michigan Man, and a born leader. We’d be lucky to have him. I don’t penalize winners. I promote them.”


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Dave Portnoy’s unfeigned support for Connor Stalions

Despite the career hardship, Barstool will provide Stalions with a unique opportunity to remain in the sports world, even as his future with the Wolverines remains uncertain. Moreover, Portnoy’s public backing could serve as a springboard for Stalions’ career, opening up new avenues in the sports industry.

As a graduate of the University of Michigan and a big-time Wolverines fan, Portnoy’s backing could provide Stalions with a unique opportunity to remain in the sporting realm. However, it remains to be seen whether Stalions will accept this offer and what his plans might be. Whether this leads to a shift in Stalions’ career or a change in NCAA rules.

“Guys Like This Become President”: Dave Portnoy Breaks Down Connor Stalions Saga Amid Michigan Sign-Stealing Controversy



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