Roasted by $300,000,000 Worth NFL Superstars, Olivia Dunne Drops Major Plot Twist From the Manning Show in Another Spoof Update

Published 09/18/2023, 9:13 AM EDT

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Is TikTok sensation Olivia Dunne stepping into the podcast host business? Before entering her final year as an LSU Tigers athlete, she announced leaving gymnastics once the season ended. A lot has happened since the NCAA introduced NIL deals allowing collegiates to capitalize off sponsorships. Dunne, also known as “Livvy” networked her way off-mats securing cross-sports appearance invites, along with a $3.3M annual purse addition. Over a week back, Livvy made an appearance on ESPN’s Monday Night “ManningCast.”

In a promo released by Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions, the highest-paid college student in history was shown alongside two former NFL greats Eli Manning and Peyton Manning. A strong dialogue by the renowned “Manning Brothers” went viral. However, it did not show Dunne’s response. Recently, the production put an end to the suspense, showing her comeback.

Olivia Dunne claps back at the Manning brothers


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The 20-year-old Sports Illustrated model arrived for the ManningCast host auditions. The comedy script lasted seven minutes between 20-year-old millionaire Dunne and NFL legends worth over $300,000,000. Here’s a recap of what they talked about: Eli asked, “So what would we know you from?” Dunne replied, “Have you heard of TikTok?” Confused, Payton said, “Sure.” “Really?” Dunne questioned, after which he shook his head “No.”

The Instagram reel shared by @omahaproductions shared what happened next. Wearing her Tigers’ purple leotard she said, “You guys know a lot about playing quarterback.” She paused and continued, “Well, I can give viewers insight on things you don’t know about.”

Without hesitation, she drove right to the chase, saying, “Like being athletic.” After which an awkward silence enveloped the room real quick while the mum Super Bowl champions looked at each other.

A total of 35 figures from the worlds of sports and entertainment made an appearance in the third season promo, including former NFL quarterback Tom Brady, Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon, a number of current players, coaches, and even DJ Khaled. It was following Witherspoon’s FaceTime request for Peyton that Dunne made her appearance in the spoof, setting the mood for the show. After this, the 3X WCGA Scholastic All-American title winner Livvy went back to her LSU roots and reappeared as SI’s savior.

Olivia Dunne’s athletic and sponsorship duties

Dunne announced her departure from the gymnastics scene after graduating from LSU. And as the last years begin, she makes sure to savor the moment. Her much-liked TikTok and Instagram videos, which she shares with her 12M followers, showed her rigorous practice on campus. The gymnast also uploaded several clips on her social media platforms of her faultless performance on the equipment. A while back, she traveled to Gulf Shores for the intercollegiate cross-sports competition with other LSU athletes.

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Apart from gymnastics, she participated in the much anticipated SI Magazine photoshoot. She looked like a beauty as she strutted around in a magnificent purple and white bedazzled leotard with a prominent LSU pattern on the front.



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Earlier, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue of 2023 featured Dunne in June for the magazine’s first-ever feature. It was a unique collab; college athletes would not often participate in it. Throughout, Dunne and the brand’s market visibility were both enhanced by the oddity of the product.


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