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Unable to Stay by Jonathan Owens, Simone Biles Finds Unique Way to Support Packers’ Safety

Published 09/18/2023, 10:13 AM EDT

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Just how unpredictable are the lives of Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens? They have come a long way since Biles’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics withdrawal after the “twisties” incident and Owens’s undrafted season in 2018, moving teams. They met in Houston following which her professional break and his Houston Texans games helped them spend more time together. This year their career saw a big transformation. First, Biles took on the pending assignment of achieving eighth all-around. The Green Bay Packers safety also made it to the 2023 season roster now playing for the team.

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The Olympic gold medallist is currently getting ready to pull off last year’s feat and win a gold medal for the U.S. team in the Worlds. While the American weeks are jam-packed with NFL games that only grow intense with each face-off. Unable to support her husband in person this time, Biles shared an update showing her support for the Packers. What happened next, unlike the last time did she become his lady luck once again?

Simone Biles is the loudest cheerleader for husband


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Split by distance once again, the Owens last met each other at the Packers’ first match in Chicago. Then again prior to the match followed by during the preseason matches. But is it ever enough for long-distance couples? Yesterday, the second Sunday match against the Atlanta Falcons in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Biles shared an Instagram post with the caption, “go pack go” with a yellow heart and cheese emoji along with Owens jersey number “#34”  The frame showed the television with a three-plus quarters score of 24-12 clearly showing Packers play against the Falcons, at this point everyone saw the easy win coming.

Alas, the unpredictable nature of games showed a major addition of double digits. The opening 1-0 boast of both teams turned to a simple 2-0 for the Falcons as the fourth quarter ended. It seemed like everything that could go wrong happened when the players didn’t score thrice in the final drives despite it being Jordan Love’s day. In addition, early in the 4th quarter, Owens got a 15-yard facemask penalty giving the ball to the Falcons at its 35. The surprising 12-point lead slipped the winning day off the Packers as the match ended with 25-24.


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All in all, the day turned into a huge upset and a greater shock for the fans of both teams who were put to the edge. In the season’s tally, the Packers have currently won 2/3 of pre-season matches and have one 38-20 win against the Chicago Bears from the last match. Notably, Biles has made her way to the match locations in both the NFL battles supporting her man. While the same has been rather difficult for Owens who could have been fined or cut from the roster had he traveled to cheer for Biles in national championships. However, the pressure has mounted on the gymnast who is leading the American team before the major event tomorrow.


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What does Simone Biles’s schedule look like this week?

Yesterday at the final FIG World Challenge Cup of the 2023 season, the artistic gymnastics roster comes to a finish. The Challenger Cup finalists along with the National Championship will travel to the camp from tomorrow before heading to the World Championships next month. The reigning all-around Biles will be present along with fellow elite gymnasts like Leanne Wong, Shilese Jones, Jocelyn Roberson, Skye Blakely, and Jade Carey among others. Notably, the men’s team directly qualifies for the Worlds after the continental qualifier while the women’s team goes by the camp selection.

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The U.S. Women’s World Selection Event will take place west of Biles’ home ground in Katy, Houston. The final team will come together this week in the two-day event, and the winning lot will advance to the Worlds in Antwerp, Belgium.

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