“Put Down the Books”: 72 Hours After Considering Taylor Swift’s New Relationship ‘Bizzare’, Dave Portnoy Mentions Rita Ora’s Ex as the Best Pick

Published 09/28/2023, 1:56 PM EDT

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Dave Portnoy is undoubtedly a successful sports commentator in the online community. The owner of Barstool Sports has consistently stepped forward to share his opinions on various topics. From pizza reviews to more controversial discussions, Dave has once again voiced his opinion on the recent rumors surrounding two renowned individuals in the country.

After the news of the rumored couple Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began circulating, Dave Portnoy quickly shared his thoughts on the matter. As a self-proclaimed Swiftie, he expressed last week that Kelce had no right intentions heading into the relationship. Returning to the spotlight on a YouTube podcast, he revealed who he thought would be an ideal match for the acclaimed singer—a choice that happened to be one of Rita Ora’s exes.

Dave Portnoy goes candid talking about Taylor Swift


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On September 25, YouTube podcaster Andrew Cameron invited Dave Portnoy onto his show for candid discussions on various topics. The YouTube personality, along with Akaash Singh and Mark Gagnon running Flagrant, engaged in talks with Dave, delving into his claims of being a Swiftie and his recent remarks on her rumored relationship. Continuing the flow of the conversation, the trio posed a question, asking Dave for his opinion on who suits the ‘Love Story’ singer the best.

Dave Portnoy, who has on many occasions jumped in the defence of Taylor Swift, set in to provide the best possible answer. The social media personality initially answered, “…a good match for Taylor…uhh…ohh Gyllenhaal.” The answer however was dismissed after reminiscing about the past relationship between the two. Continuing along, Dave said, “…Ohh, I got it, the kid who played Spiderman…” With a little help from the podcasters, he added “Andrew Garfield! That’s the relationship. Garfield and Swift put down the books.” He believed that the relationship would just work.


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Dave Portnoy’s pick for Taylor stems from his appreciation towards the singer and his disapproval of Travis Kelce. The Barstool Sports owner on many recent occasions has turned down the idea of the two being together.

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Dave scrutinizes the rumored relationship

When the rumors of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began to surface on the internet, Dave stood to dismiss the couple. Taking to social media, Dave wrote, “Taylor loves dating big-name celebs who are sure to break her heart so why not a football player over some DJ or musician?” However, that was just the initial reaction by Dave. His remark was also followed days later by a tweet. Portnoy revealed that he thinks the NFL star is just using Taylor for the clout.

Cut to a few days later, amid the escalating rumors, the singer was spotted attending the Chiefs vs. Bears game, where the NFL star Kelce played as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. The evening made headlines as Taylor was seen enthusiastically cheering while sitting with Kelce’s mother, Donna, at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The appearance of the singer pulled out another response from Dave Portnoy. The popular figure remarked them as a “bizzare couple with zero chemistry.”


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Whatever his take on their rumored relationship, Dave expressed his acknowledgement towards Travis Kelce. He said, “Travis Kelce is a great looking dude. I get it. He’s a professional athlete that has great appeal.” But regardless of the rising rumors and headlines, Taylor and Travis have continued to maintain an appearance unbothered. They have also not publicly acknowledged the rumors. Travis on Sunday played for the Chiefs pulling a 41-10 win over the Bears while Taylor kept up with her record breaking Eras tour.

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